Aug 17, 2019

Let's Discuss: Kids' Toys These Days

Wow! Half the month gone and I've yet to write a Discussion post of some kind! Since my mood has been a little south lately because of my job situation, I haven't been feeling really creative to write my own posts. But as I was writing up a meme post, a commercial came on for a toy and I was just left baffled!


Okay, I think I'm getting old because omg, kids these days! Lol. The toy in question was something called, Cry Babies: Magic Tears.

It's like you get a plastic little house with a baby in it that magically cries tears--likely when water is added and it came with a bottle, a pacifier, and likely a toy. But then all of a sudden the little girl playing with one, called the baby by its name and said something along the lines of him playing with his tablet.

A tablet.

A tablet for a BABY! Yes, I know it's toys and all that and time are changing, three year olds are playing with iPads and likely know more about them then their parents. I know when I was 2 years old I knew how to operate our VCR on my own! So I guess this is sort of the same thing.

It was just the fact that this was a BABY (doll) with its own tablet! I thought that was just a little too much. Even for a toy! Lol.

What baffles you about toys these days? Or is it just me that happens upon these things and thinks what is going on with kids these days?

And of course the gif I wanted to insert here doesn't exist! Typical. *eyeroll*


  1. That's crazy! A tablet for a baby... geez that makes me feel old

  2. Hahaha! Here, little baby, here's your bottle ... and here's your tablet. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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