Aug 22, 2019

Let's Discuss: The Tragedy of Indie Series

I'm not sure I ever talked about some of my favorite indie book series, but I do have a few that I have loved. Sadly, the majority of them have ended up in the unfinished in the FINAL book was never published as far as I could tell.

The Tragedy of Indie Series

Granted, this happens with traditionally published novels too. That I have whined discussed about before. Then I started looking at my indie book list, ones who I ADORE and was eagerly awaiting what always ended up being book 3 in a trilogy...only to have a year pass and NOTHING. Then another year passes, and another! I've tried checking for author websites and sometimes find one, but never with any information.

Then Goodreads has the audacity to tell me the book was published in XXXX year and even the exact date sometimes, but when I click on buy links I get the: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? THIS DOESN'T EXIST!!! as my results.

I know, I know, the thing with independently published novels is that sometimes the author might not want to publish the last one. But this seriously KILLS me!!! I've read so many series and they've all been amazing and yet, there was never a finale! NEVER!!!!! And it kills me inside that I will never know what happens to these characters. Granted, I'd have to do a re-read by now to be able to get caught up and whatnot. One series I learned had FOUR books--maybe one was a novella--FOUR!!! And ZERO of them are available as far as I can tell! This sucks!!

Okay, this turned more into yet another rant more than anything but let me point out my favorites here that I positively loved and was in love and wanted nothing more than to read the finale and yet, none ever came and Goodreads lies and says it did, but it's totally out of print!

UPDATE: yes, an update to what I just wrote instead of correcting it, because it's hard to decipher what I just read! It looks like Captivate was legit just REPUBLISHED Tuesday in a new kindle book!! I'm wondering if that means the rest will soon follow? It's possible!

Captivate by Vanessa Garden--this actually started out being published by Harlequin Teen then she moves to self publishing and now it looks like Inkspell Publishing reprinted it! Here's to hoping they do the rest!! 

I remember people being uneasy with this one, I was at first too. It's sort of like a B&tB retelling in that the heroine starts off as a prisoner of sorts...but then things change, as they naturally do!

Blood Revelation by Jamie Manning--a vampire story! As you know these are what I live for!! Lol. This one had the heroine end up being a half vampire. Her creator tells her if she kills 100 vampires she can regain her humanity! I can't remember how many she was at when I last read this in 2012 and its sequel in 2013. There was a love triangle, as if it wasn't obvious! I can't even remember what "team" I was on either! I'd re-read this in a heartbeat if I had the mythological Blood Revelation that Amazon says is out of print--when this was primarily ebooks!!

Third Blood by Kalayna Price--Kalayna's Haven series was one of the very first books I received for review! It was a glorious combo copy of books 1 & 2. It was about vampires, naturally! And it was A-MAZING!! Then around the time book 3 should've released, Kalayna had been contracted with a larger publisher for her Alex Craft series and then she had some health issues. So this series went on hiatus. I still don't know where it stands, Kalayna might have even given it up after all that. Her Alex Craft books are back in the world and I can only hope this one will eventually see the shelves too! 

This one had Kita, a shifter who was on the run from her people end up being turned into a vampire! Yes, a shifter/vampire!!! It was amazing!!! Kita is trying to adjust the new life she's been given, all while being helped out by another vampire and yes, there was romance! Ahh, it was sooooooo good!! I miss this series sooo much! I MISS THEM ALL!!!!!

Has anyone else ever fallen in love with an indie series only to have it disappear on you? Was it ever finished? Am I the only one who's doomed to have favorite series cancelled on her over and over again?


  1. I hate how hard it is to find Indie books sometimes :(

  2. That is a bummer when a loved series doesn't get finished! I think the vampire definitely sounds like it needs an ending!!

  3. Somehow I just knew you were going to say that the tragedy was unfinished series. You seem to have bad luck with reading series that are canceled!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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