Feb 3, 2020

Let's Discuss: Character Deaths

So I don't know if anyone really saw me on Twitter late Saturday night but I had just finished watching the latest season of a beloved favorite show and I was totally loving it! I wasn't sure why the reviews I briefly glimpsed on Amazon were so negative. I mean, it's a new season, a new decade kind of thing and then it happened. The WORST kind of ending ever!! And not one with a cliffhanger!!!

Character Deaths

Okay, this might be more pertaining to movies/TV show character deaths than book related ones. I mean, yes I hate book character deaths too. They make me cry, they leave me rocking in misery. There have been some I've never gotten over.

But TV/movie deaths...I've always been able to handle those better for some reason. Then this one happened (and I'm avoiding the show to avoid spoilers, in case you were like me and didn't see it right away) and it destroyed me. I mean seriously, a character death has never left me feeling this destroyed. And I tell myself it's completely fictional, the actor likely didn't want to do the show anymore or had other obligations that would make another season impossible to do...despite there being an EASY OUT to explain an absence. Then I got a reply on twitter that just made it all worse as someone said the producer explained in an interview that he wanted the "affected" character to be "available" and that just pissed me off. I mean seriously? SERIOUSLY?! You want the character to be able to bounce from relationship to relationship? When EVERYONE else wanted to see the opposite?! Makes no sense. No sense whatsoever.

I am still trying to figure out why this character death is making me so emotional. Why this one? I guess you could say there's a deep love for the series and you know you wanted to see the characters finally, finally, FINALLY be together forever and then just as you turn the page towards that HEA, it happens. BAM! Dead.

I almost wonder if it could be more one of those, with media entertainment seeing things effects you differently, but I want to say no to that. It could also be that this death is still fresh in my head since I just watched it Saturday night and I write this Sunday morning. I mean I remember being destroyed by other character deaths in books where it tore the main couple apart. There's at least two I will never get over...but even that pain had kind of been pushed back to a dull heart throb. So I guess time can heal all wounds?

But since there's rumors that there will be another season, I don't know if my heart can take watching another person enter the character's life. I mean we spent YEARS wanting to see this couple be together and there were glimpses and teases here and there and then you had this season which was going pretty strong and then the creator decided to off one of them. That hurts. I tell myself it's possible the actor really didn't want to be this character anymore, but I feel like there had to be a better way of getting the affected character to where they needed to be without this death...one that has broken the hearts of millions of fans everywhere.

How do you handle character deaths? Be they TV/Movies or books? Yes, they're all fictional characters, but once you've spent years with these characters, they kind of become your friends, maybe family almost. You care about these characters despite the fact that they aren't real. How do you cope when one dies? Because seriously. I'm going to need some help with this. Lol....sob!!!


  1. I struggle with character deaths. I always get mad, but I get really furious, when they don't serve a purpose in the story. I am still super salty about a few deaths. Like, the one in Crooked Kingdom - so mad, and I bawled too.

  2. I really detest it when they kill characters especially if the person is part of a couple that I adore.
    I'm super curious what show you're talking about though. I spent the entire post going, "BUT WHAT SHOW?" lol

  3. Yeah, I always assume when it's TV that the actor wanted to leave or something, but I could see that being SUPER frustrating!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  4. Ah, but death is part of life. And a really GOOD death in fiction can be really satisfying, producing lots of tears!


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