Feb 13, 2020

Random Thursday

Diving back into Weird But True by Leslie Gilbert Elman, we'll learn some bizarre but true factoids regarding the senses!

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The Stasi was the former East German secret police force, they used specially designed seat cushions to collect odor samples from enemies of the state during interrogations.


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People with synesthesia interpret sensory information in unique ways. They might see letters and numbers in a different color other than the black ink they're printed in or they might hear colors or taste sounds--perceiving two senses where most people would only perceive one.

Fun Fact: There's no clear count on how many people have some version of synesthesia, it could be as high as 1 in every 20 people!

That's a rather unique condition to have, yet also fascinating! 

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Male animals use their sense of smell to sniff out a mate and human males can do this too. A study at Florida State University found that men's testosterone levels increased when they sniffed a shirt that was worn by a woman ovulating.

I guess further proof that some men can be dogs, pigs, and other animal types? Lol!

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On a roadside in Germany a young man flagged down a passing car to get directions. The driver was a young woman who stopped to help him. He used a map and when she was distracted, he swiped her wallet. After getting his directions, he kissed her hand in thanks. When she discovered her missing wallet, she went to the police where they were able to get a DNA swap from her kissed hand.

So I guess the moral of the story is never stop for strange young men alongside the road!

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As a woman ages, so does the protein composition of her saliva



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