Apr 13, 2021

ARC Review--Shadow Dance by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Having one ghost in her apartment was tough enough. Having another was out of the question.

The city is being overrun by ghosts from the 1920s, and somehow Gabriella and Rexton’s latest case is at the center of it all. Unsure of who or what to believe, they must work together to find the true villain all the while contending with a passion between them that can be more than a little distracting.








I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.


Alyssa Rose Ivy returns to Ghostly Shadows with Shadow Dance as Gabriella and Rexton continue working to help get rid of unwanted ghosts, all the while teasing us with romantic interludes and the possibility that there is much more to Gabriella’s life than she ever knew.

Things pick up around where they left off in this one, Gabriella and Rexton are continuing to explore their relationship, both business and personal. Then they receive a new case that is filled with mystery. It should be simple, a ghost haunting a house, not letting the owners into the basement, yet when the girlfriend of the owner tried it on her own, it works. After much trial and error in trying to get into the basement, Gabriella is able to do so when Rexton is not around and is able to talk to the ghost to see what might have happened to her and why she’s still around.

I’m really enjoying the aspect of Gabriella trying to help the spirits move on, true, Rexton is out to do that as well, but it seems Gabriella does it with more heart than her beau. This mystery revolving around the death of a ghost from the 1920s was outrageous! Just as you think you might have a handle on things, new twists come up that will turn everything topsy turvy. It’s not done in a far-fetched way either, things are rightly explained in the end.

What really keeps bogging me is Rexton! He seems to know more than he tells and since we get his point of view as well, we kind of know that he knows more than he tells. And it baffles me! He’s so in love with Gabrielle and I do believe he’s sincere there, because you know, incubus and Gabrielle has had her doubts about his intentions too, but knows where he stands now. But still, I feel like Rexton hides a lot from Gabrielle whether it concerns their case or not and I just don’t get why someone does this to someone they love…especially if it’s things regarding that person! I get the need to protect and I believe that’s where he’s coming from, but I can also sense a possible blow up between them as well if he keeps it up.

I do sometimes wish that these books could be longer. While trying to help one ghost out, Gabrielle is always meeting more who need help and she promises to return to them but we never get to see it happen. So it makes me wonder, will we see her go back and help these other ghosts out too? The shortness of the story tends to be my main issue, I feel like there’s still so much going on and I always worry that things left behind now won’t be picked up later.

I’m still really curious about Rexton too. Yes, we get his perspective but I feel like there is a lot we still don’t know about this guy and I really want to know more. Yes, he’s an incubus, but I’m wondering where was he in those short months between prequel story and the first book? What was he doing and why didn’t he come see Gabriella sooner? Such questions will have to remain, as we don’t know what the future holds for these characters, but I plan to be here through it all!

If you’re looking for a good ghosty book—and seriously, in the paranormal genre, who isn’t?—Ghostly Shadows is definitely a series to check out! It’s cute and light-hearted, yet filled with a very heated romance between heroine and hero. It’s a fast paced read that will have you theorizing until the very end! A must read for the paranormal New Adult genre!


Overall Rating 4/5 stars






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