Apr 12, 2021

Let's Discuss: Guilty Pleasures


So I was trying to think of new discussion posts and actually sit down and write them! It's been a bit chaotic in life lately and even as I write this I'm sporting a wicked headache! But anyway, moving on. Let's discuss..

Guilty Pleasures

I can honestly say, I don't really have any "guilty pleasures." Truthfully, I never liked the term "guilty pleasure." Why should you feel guilt for enjoying something? I mean sure, a big ol' macho man may have a guilty pleasure of reading romance books and that he may feel "guilty" for enjoying them.

When I think about the things I like and enjoy I try to think if I feel "guilty" about any of them and honestly...I don't. I can't think of one thing I'm ashamed to admit I enjoy. I feel like "guilty pleasures" are almost things you're ashamed to admit you like or enjoy and I just don't agree with that. If what you enjoy just brings you joy and doesn't harm others...why should you feel guilt?

What's your stance on "guilty pleasures?" Do you have any or do you freely admit to what brings you joy? Like reading YA books when you're not quite a teenager anymore...;)

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