Apr 10, 2021

Let's Discuss: Disney Princess's Castles


Okay, so the post I was teasing about yesterday that came up on utter nonsense is Disney related! Naturally. There's always something to dig deep and break down in with Disney! This time I was scrolling through the website and noticed their Collectors Disney Princess Castle collection, in which you get a Disney princess's castle in some way; sculpture, pin, puzzle, etc. Then I started wondering was with certain princesses, how do you choose "her" castle?


Disney Princess's Castles


So I was going through the princesses in my head, and realized there are a few who have more than one castle, and I was like WHHHAAAT?! Lol.

Take Snow White, she has what is technically HER castle, the one the Evil Queen pretty much takes from her when Snow's dad, the king dies. Cause, in this time, doesn't the castle always belong to the dude?

BUT then she marries her prince and they go to what is presumably HIS castle in the clouds. But it looks like Disney chose Snow's castle as the "collector" item. But which castle is considered HERS in this affair?

Then you look at Aurora, there's her parents' castle, the one she didn't get to live in for 16 years. Would that be considered HER castle, or would HER castle be what is likely Prince Phillip's castle which they presumably live in once they officially marry? Which castle is HERS then? Disney appears to have chosen her parents' castle, since we don't really ever get a glimpse of Phillip's.

Then you move onto Ariel who was a mermaid princess living in a castle under the sea, is that HER castle since that's where she grew up. Or would HER castle be Prince Eric's castle which she lives in now that they are married. One of Ariel's castles will be apart of this collector's series, but as to which one it will be is up in the air. I'd hope for her father's castle just because that would look so pretty as a collector's piece compared to Eric's which is above the sea...like all the other castles.

Then we have Elsa's castle. She too has two castles that are considered hers. Prior to Frozen 2, Arendelle's castle was HERS since she is the queen. But then she goes off and creates her own Ice Palace, which would've looked really cool as a collector's piece, but Disney went with Arendelle's palace instead. But Elsa is one who truly had two castles of her own...you know up until the sequel when she gives it up and Anna becomes queen.

I don't really remember where I was going with this discussion. Lol. I was just noting what princesses have two castles that are considered hers. Usually the one where she grew up and the one that becomes her home when she marries her prince. It just made me wonder, how did the Disney Store peeps decide on which castle to choose from these girls who had more than one? Why was it always the one where she grew up? Especially when she was sometimes being held prisoner or forced into servitude there? Weird huh?

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