Apr 12, 2021

Review--Shadow Kiss by Alyssa Rose Ivy


Gabriella can talk to ghosts, but that isn’t her biggest problem. That would be Rexton, the sexy as sin incubus she can’t seem to stay away from. He’s offering her a chance to learn about her gift as well as a job, but she knows there’s a lot more on the table.

Rexton hasn’t been able to get Gabriella out of his head since he met her months before. He’s an incubus, he’s supposed to make people obsessed not the other way around, but it seems the tables are turned.

Both Gabriella and Rexton know the dangers of mixing business with pleasure, but some desires can’t be ignored.






I was super excited to see that my favorite Paranormal New Adult author, Alyssa Rose Ivy had a new ghost series to add to the mix! This is a whole new world series outside of the Chronicles world and it is just as enjoyable and exciting one! Shadow Kiss combines a prequel story and the new story at large that follows Gabriella who can see ghosts but has never known what her “gift” really meant for her.

Gabriella has always done her best to hide her gift, she’s never been able to really share it with anyone without having them think she’s crazy. She’s kept to herself most of her life and her best friend just happens to be a ghost at the antique store where she works. Then one night she receives a mysterious invitation to a Halloween ball. She decides to follow its instructions for the heck of it and is magically whisked away to some undisclosed location where she attends a bonafide ball filled with real supernaturals that she never really gave thought to existing, I mean if there are ghosts, why not other beings?

It is there that she meets Rexton, a suave debonair guy who she can’t get enough of. Something draws her to him and it both infuriates and excites her. Rexton has a secret, or two, or possibly even more, he’s a true man of mystery, and one of those secrets is that he can see ghosts too. He wants to help Gabriella harness her powers and actually help the ghosts she sees and get them to move on. There’s a lot Gabriella doesn’t know about her gift, and Rexton is eager to teach her everything he knows.

This book, whoa! Alyssa is pretty much known for her steamy romances and this book is no different. True, Gabriella is a little quick to fall for Rexton, but paranormal romances seem to go with the love at first sight quite a bit. And honestly, you can’t help but just want these two to get together. Alyssa definitely doesn’t disappoint on that factor.

Both the prequel and actual story contain adventures with Gabriella and Rexton trying to help a lingering spirit or two with their unfinished business and move on. But it’s not always that easy. There’s usually a little added mystery or problem that needs to be solved as well.

What continues to baffle me is Rexton! Did I mention he is a man of mystery? Granted, we pretty much know what he is exactly, and we know that it is more than human. But I’m wondering about all the other little bits of information that he is keeping from Gabriella. He’s so easy-going you don’t really know if he’s hiding something deeper or it’s something nonsensical like. It’s driving me mad, and Gabriella gets a little distracted by him a little too easily—can’t really blame her thought—to remember to question him on this and that.

The mystery was mostly resolved by the end of each adventure. There was usually a little after thought from Gabriella that leads you to wonder if she’ll be back to help a ghost further or not, but since that story is done, only time will tell with the next book if she comes back to help out or not. And since I have the next book at the ready, I will get to learn real quick!

If you’ve been wanting to read the fabulous Alyssa Rose Ivy’s books but could never pick a Chronicles series to start with, you are in the perfect spot now to start a whole new world with her here! But as I’ve said numerous times with her larger world series, you can really start with any of the trilogies and be perfectly content to read as you please! I’m eager to continue Alyssa’s take on ghosts and all the mysteries to come!


Overall Rating 4/5 stars






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