Apr 8, 2021

Random Thursday

Let's dive right back into True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley and learn more about space...and the great beyond! lol!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

The Great Attractor is a "gravitational anomaly" that moves in space and takes a lot of galaxies and galaxy clusters with it.

That's alarming.

(image borrowed Wikipedia)

Saturn is not only a gas giant but it's also less dense than water. So yeah, this puppy would float in a pool!

(image borrowed from Earth Sky)

The International Astronomical Union are the ones who recognize or "de-recognize" constellations.

Who'd thought they'd have an entire group dedicated to that?

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

If the Andromeda Galaxy were just a little bigger, it would appear in the sky larger than the full moon!

(image borrowed from Food Republic)

Did you know space smells like steak? According to astronauts, they've said that their equipment smells like cooked steaks when they return.

That's hilarious! As I read the fact to myself I was thinking, wait how can they smell it when you can't take off your helmet? Lol!

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