Nov 20, 2021

Creatures of the Night Tag


I saw this tag at Greg's blog, Book Haven and thought it looked like fun! Couldn't believe it was the first time I saw it either! And though it appears to be a "Halloween" themed tag, for me this is an "everyday" king of theme! Lol! Greg originally saw this post at A Dance With Books back in 2016. I also borrowed the gif from Greg as I thought it was very fitting!

Since I couldn't find the "rules" at either post, I'm gathering it's a simple choose your favorite book for the given "creature."


Because there have been sooooo many favorites over the years to the point of being overwhelming, I'm just going to choose the original one! Aubrey!


For the same reasons as above, I'm choosing Vivian, my first werewolf read!


Okay, I pretty much need to amend my answers above to just be the first book I read at this point! Lol! Robien was the first fae I remember reading about!


I can't really remember my first zombie read. I recall one...but I never read past the first book. So I went with Gwen, as she was called from iZombie!


Paige was one of the first witches I read about. Some others didn't really coin themselves as "witch" in the earlier reads that I can recall. But I loved this whole series so I could choose a multitude of characters from it for this tag alone!


Okay, I still need to read this one, but I'm struggling to think of a demigod for this one. So Lore it is! I think she could be considered a demigod...again, I still need to read it to grasp that! Lol.


I choose Patch, my first fallen angel. 


Another cheat, since I still need to read this series! Fell so behind! Not sure who to choose from this one. I was under the impression they were like superheroes in this one at least!


I'm going with Evie, the original sea witch! ;)

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