Nov 25, 2021

Let's Discuss: Authors I'm Thankful For


So I thought of a short little post today just to talk about authors I'm extremely grateful/thankful to have in my reading life! True, I'm grateful/thankful for ALL authors everywhere, the ones I've read a thousand times, the ones I've read once, and the ones I haven't read for whatever reasons. Books are my favorite and without authors, there wouldn't be any books!

Authors I'm Thankful For

Today, I decided to just stick to my top 3 authors that I'm extremely thankful for! Which honestly, even me cutting myself off at 3 is hard because there are still sooooooooo many authors I want to include, but then I'd literally have to write down every single author I have books for in my collection and this post would be a mile long! Lol.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Of course, I need to go with the author I read when I was younger and discovered the magical world of vampires! Omg, I am forever thankful for this woman! The fact that she was a teenage author in the beginning days was another amazing feat and was kind of what led me to want to write my own stories...which have been sorely missed these last few years. I need to find my niche again!

Maria V. Snyder

I read Maria's books when I was starting college, I can remember it still. Amazon recommended Magic Study to me, I started to read what it was about--since this was before blogging and I had no other way of getting opinions or ideas on books to read--and immediately learned it was a SEQUEL! So yeah, Amazon has been not so bright for many years now! Anyway, that led me to pick up Poison Study and I immediately became addicted! Maria was one of the first authors I reached out to with "fan mail." And I even asked her a few "interview" questions I had to do for a paper from someone in my "field." We've been penpals ever since and have met in person a handful of times as well!

Stephanie Garber

Naturally! I don't know what it was about Caraval that held me so riveted! I was just entranced and was in love with the story! I even re-read the series prior to Finale, which you know me, I don't do anymore! But I did it for Stephanie's books! I've become quite the collector of her books too since her covers are just amazing worldwide! For those curious, I currently have 82 copies in my collection! A few are duplicates of UK or US copies when it came to the alternative covers I kept finding, so those had to go on new copies of course! Lol. Stephanie is yet another positively sweet author and I just adore her and her books!

Which authors are you thankful for?

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