May 31, 2022

Let's Discuss: My California Dream Vacation


I've been thinking of traveling lately...mainly the trips I can't afford to take! Lol. From all my traveling, I realized I still have not been to the west coast and I really want to take a trip to California one day! I've an entire list of places I want to go! I tried to have Mapquest put them in order but apparently it's too complicated because I keep getting errors! I essentially see myself (after winning the lottery) starting at one end of California and working my way up or down to hit all my must-dos!

My California Dream Vacation!

So first on my list, naturally is Disneyland! I've been to Disney World a few times and yet, I've never made it out to the original park! So I would have to go there for comparison's sake! And last I checked, they still had a few original rides that World got rid of already.


(image borrowed from Disneyland)


San Francisco is also on the list, mainly to see the Golden Gate Bridge! I grew up on Full House and always saw it. I don't know, it's just one of those things I'd like to see and walk across!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Then I want to see Alcatraz! I've read about it in a few books, I've watched the Haunting specials on the place. It's definitely something I would love to see!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)


And speaking of hauntings...another place I HAVE to see is the Winchester Mystery House! I've watched many a Haunting special on this, have seen it pop up in books. I so want to see this place in person!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

And finally on my list is Mysterious Galaxy bookstore! Ideally, I would time my trip to include a book signing! I've seen so many wonderful authors visit this store that it's made me want to visit just on principle! So in a perfect world, I would have this dream vacation timed to include a book signing!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

That was it on my list! Are there any other places I should include on this dream vacation? I probably need like a month's vacation time to take it and do everything I want to do! Lol.

If you could plan a dream vacation to any state in the US, where would you go and what would you do? I'm limiting it to the US just because I know international vacations are a whole other bag! Lol.

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