May 12, 2022

Random Thursday


We have a nice mish-mash of history facts today! Nothing that really forms a specific topic or such, but we'll see what Shane Carley will teach us with True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t!

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Apparently, in 1939 Adolf Hilter was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize by the Swedish Parliament. According to "him," it was not meant to be a serious nomination, just one to prove a point.

I mean...seriously?!

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The US almost nuked North Carolina by mistake in 1961. Two nuclear warheads were dropped from a plane when it started to beak apart in midair. Thankfully, they did not explode. There is a plaque where they landed to mark the historical moment.

That's scary.



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In 1973, a drunk driver hite the Tree of Tenere in the Sahara Desert. This was the only tree in 250 miles in any direction, so it's loss was noticed.

So in a nearly clear open area, a dunk idiot managed to take down one of the only trees?!

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Henry Ford was given the highest honor that Nazi Germany could give to a foreigner. It seems Ford continued to do business with them and made a fortune providing cars for the Axis and Allied countries. Ford did have a reputation for anti-Semitism, so what he did should not be surprising.

Holy cow! How did I not know about this? Seriously, if there had been a history class that was "Weird History" I so would've taken that course!

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In England's early days of automobiles, they required a man to carry a red flag to walk ahead to warn pedestrians. To make this possible, the speed limit was set to 2 mph in the city and 4 mph in the country.

Could you imagine the traffic? Granted, I realize not everyone was able to drive, but you think of what our rush hour traffic looks like and makes you wonder what theirs was like!

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