May 21, 2022

Let's Discuss: Why I Don't Like Ebooks


So I was reading a book on my Kindle and I realized how utterly long it was taking me to read it. And it upsetted me as I was enjoying the book, but for whatever reason it was just taking eons to read the thing. It just reminded me of how much I dislike reading on my Kindle.

Why I Dislike eBooks

One problem I had when reading with the Kindle is that it's this un-book-like tablet. It's not the size of your typical book, so the "page" you're reading isn't accurate. How many screens do I have to read before I actually get 1 page read? It's just annoying to me. The formatting is not the same. The font, the type, the spacing...I mean I know you can customize some things on it, but it's not the same.

The other problems I have is that the Kindle is just a thin little tablet. Where's the heft, where's the girth of a good novel? It just feels fake. I stare at a computer screen all day for work and then the Kindle is just another screen for me to read the books I enjoy.

I know, I know there are so many reasons why people love the ereaders and their points are all very valid. I just can't relate to them. I know everyone loves having 1000s of books at their fingertips but I still prefer my real book. Yes, they take up space, but they make me happy. I find a pure joy in holding my book when I'm reading it, turning the page, hearing that crisp sound, smelling the's magical! Lol.

Since there's still one more format, I'll briefly touch on Audio books, which I can't read either. Lol. I'm not good with listening to stories, I wish I could because omigosh I would be so much better with my TBR pile if I was. Even when listening to music I find myself zoning out, especially when driving and such. I sometimes realize what I'm listening to and sing along, but mostly, I zone out. I don't think I would be able to pay attention to the words being spoken no matter the narrator. Plus, since I like to take notes when reading and visually see what I'm commenting on, it would be a trial effort for me to review that way. 

If you ask why then I keep my Kindle, it's mainly for review books that come easier to have as Kindle books. Sometimes I'll try out indie authors this way as well before I buy their real book versions. It's a tool of convenience.

So even though I feel like I know what most of you might say, what's your preference of reading? Real books? Ebooks? Audio?

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