Mar 12, 2010


Okay was just checking a blog of a friend of mine and she posted some interesting info that I thought I would pass along here, thanks again Cem! Check her blog out at, she's a book blogger too and loves a lot of the same stuff I read and then some!

So anyway, she saw on Richelle's livejournal that there is now a title for Vampire Academy 6 and it is...Last Sacrifice.

Already my mind is brimming with possibilities as to what that might mean. Really wondering and I haven't even read Spirit Bound yet, that one releases May 18, already preorder my copy at Borders for a lovely $10 practically, but since delivery takes forever, I will probably have to buy another copy because...

Richelle has released her tour schedule for Spirit Bound and imagine my surprise when I saw that she was actually coming to St. Louis!! No one ever comes to St. Louis! I was freaking shocked and amazed! I am sooo going to go. Granted I'll see her in April at RT, but this way I can get Spirit Bound signed!

Of course as I just mentioned postal service is extremely slow, and since the book releases the Tuesday before she arrives I doubt my book will be here by Friday. So I'll end up buying another copy there most likely.

Here's the link to her livejournal account where she posted the cities and dates:

Almost finished with Mark of the Demon. About 50 pages to go, so I hope to have my review up by Sunday. It's pretty damn good so far. Been reading all day, true I should be doing other things, but I want to enjoy reading while I can, soon I will have to get a real job and then I'll be writing on the side--positive thinking--so I want to enjoy my reading days while I can!!

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  1. I adore Mead & her blog on LJ. I cannot wait for the next book and really wish she'd head up to Western Canada for a signing. *sigh*

    ♥ Lisa @ For the Love of Books


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