Mar 13, 2010

Cover Art--Jealousy

OMG! Just saw this 2 seconds ago at Book Reviews by Jess who saw it over at Bloody Bookaholic! Eek!! Looks freaking awesome!

So wondering who the guy is, Jess thinks it's Christophe, which I say is a good guess, unless he is someone new. As she points out Graves is supposed to have some Asian features to him.

Jealousy comes out July 29, 2010!

Here's the BOC: It’s a good thing Dru Anderson is fast. Because the sucker chasing her isn’t slowing down—and he won’t rest until he has tasted her blood and silenced her heart...

Dru’s best friend, Graves, and her strange and handsome savior, Christophe, are ready to help her take on the ultimate evil. But will their battle for Dru’s heart get in the way of her survival?

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  1. I like, but wish it was more along the lines of the other two covers. Her looking fully capable of kicking some baddies butt. Feel like it's a tad too romantic, however it does make my romantic side jump with glee.

    ♥ Lisa @ For the Love of Books


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