Mar 2, 2010

Cover Art

I'm back! Was looking over my Amazon recommends page and saw that there was a cover posted for Vicki Pettersson's Cheat the Grave, checked her website and she had a different one up. The one on the left came from Amazon, the one on the right came from Vicki's. Both very cool, but both different. The man is one of the big differences, but then another is the tattoo that Joanna has on her stomach (the one on the left). Not sure which the final cover is but both are totally awesome!! Cheat the Grave comes out May 25, 2010--a great day for GREAT books! No description yet.

Here's another one I kept meaning to post, it's been around, it's the next Nocturne City book by Caitlin Kittredge, Daemon's Mark. This one also comes out May 25, 2010. Here's the BOC:

Someone or something, is setting fire to the homes of the city's most infamous non-humans, racking up a body count that's growing by the day. And strange, otherworldly creatures no one has seen before--selkies, trolls, and harpies--are causing chaos throughout the city. Racing to stop the carnage, Luna turns to sexy federal agent Will Fagin for help. As they work to uncover the source of the bloodshed, Luna's attraction for Will deepens. But just as she learns Will's darkest secret, Nocturne City is thrust into total chaos--leaving Luna and Will in a path of destruction they may not be able to stop...or survive.

Okay this cover has been up for awhile, but I went ahead and tossed it here anyway because I absolutely loved this series. I was a little skeptical at first because the cover was cartoon-ish and I wasn't used to seeing that. I thought it was YA. But obviously it's not and I am sooo glad that I saw Jaye Well's blog awhile back and heard more about the book. I LOVED it and cannot wait to read Tracking the Tempest. Of course it doesn't come out until June 29, 2010. Such a long wait! Here's the a description of the book taken from Nicole's website:

Tracking the Tempest begins four months–and one eyebrow sacrificed to magical training–after the close of Tempest Rising. During that time, Jane’s been busy honing her supernatural powers and enjoying her newfound sense of confidence. Rockabill may not yet be heaven, but she’s realized it’s home. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, however, and Ryu–Jane’s bloodsucker boyfriend–can’t let a major holiday go by without getting all gratuitous. This time his shenanigans involve a last-minute ticket to Boston and a hefty dose of direct interference in her life. But Ryu’s best laid plans inevitably create more upheaval than even he can anticipate, and Jane winds up embroiled in an investigation involving a spree of gruesome killings committed by a being of tremendous power . . .

. . . who, much to Jane’s surprise, happens to be another halfling.

Cover will not load

Okay I tried to post the cover for Tempest's Legacy, book 3 in Nicole Peeler's debut Jane True series, but it would not load. The cover is still cartoon-ish, but it's very cool. Jane is on the back of a motorcycle with someone--Ryu? And she's looking over her shoulder as they speed away into the night. There's clouds and a moonlit sky and one of the clouds has some sort of strange face! The good news is the wait won't be "too" long for this one, it releases January 1, 2011. A long time from now, but once we get to Tracking the Tempest, we're halfway there! Here's the description from Nicole's website (Click here to see the cover as well!):

Met with news that will change her life, forever, Jane realizes it’s time for her to confront her new, supernatural society; her identity as a halfling, and her own destiny.

For women are dying–supernatural, halfling, and human–and only Jane can uncover the sordid truths that stain the “purity” of Alfar society.

Another cover! This one is D. D. Barant's Death Blows. Very different than her first cover. This time we get to see Jace's face! This one releases March 30, 2010, a shorter wait! Here's what's on Amazon for the BOC:

FBI profiler Jace Valchek was pulled into this parallel realm to hunt for Aristotle Stoker, a human serial killer who preys on vampires and werewolves. Now she works for the National Security Agency of the Unnatural States of America—and her boss is a vampire. At a bizarre crime scene, Jace finds a bloodsucker murdered by magic, fried to the bone and dressed in the costume of the comic book hero the Flash—a character who isn’t supposed to exist here. Comic books have been outlawed for their powers, including crossover spells like the one that transported Jace to this world. Soon, she’s following a trail of dead bodies into the sinister underworld of black-market comics—where a deranged madman gives new meaning to the term “super-villain”…

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  1. Thanks for sharing the cover art Jessica, love the Caitlin Kittredge and Vicki I guess has to make up her mind which cover is the final?

    May 25th is indeed a good day for book releases!!!

    jackie b central texas


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