Mar 31, 2010

Contest Alert--at BBB

There's a contest over at BBB, Melissa Marr was going to hang out for the day and answer questions about her new release and other things, but due to her busy schedule she couldn't make it. However there are a series of questions that she answered and they were all pretty good! Lots of info to take in too.

Plus there is still a contest! Yes, you can still have a chance to win a signed copy of Radiant Shadows, not scheduled to release until April 20 2010!

So head on over contest ends 4/2/10 at 11:59 Central.

More good news, within the BBB Q/A Melissa posted a schedule tour of where she's going for the Radiant Shadows release and she's coming to St. Louis! Another big surprise! Usually authors skip my town, but now I have 2 coming in 1 calendar year!!

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