Dec 6, 2010


I'm giving my blog a new look! I decided it was high time for a change! I'm still tinkering with a few more odds and ends, which might take longer than it should because I am not computer savvy.

Still trying to figure out how I get my "Followers" icons to show up, it says it's there but because the dimensions were likely too big, it didn't put it up at all. If anyone knows how to solve the problem please let me know, otherwise it might be awhile!

Another thing I'm trying to work on is the menu bar. I can't seem to edit the one they gave me so can add my contest page and fix a few other things into it. I had to add my "Pages" bar below theirs and it's kind of hard to see. So if you're looking for the contest page it's in the upper left corner near my "Currently Reading" picture.

So that's what I was working on this morning after I renewed my license which took longer than I thought for going once the DMV opened. Now I'm off to work on a few other things. Not much reading on the schedule today, bummer! But I hope to be back into the thick of things tomorrow!

And again, if anyone knows how to solve my two problems I mentioned above, please leave a comment or you can email me. My email is in my contact page. Which is another thing, my picture of myself disappeared in the "About Me". 

I hate technology sometimes!

**Had to change the template because the purple wasn't working for some with the way the titles were arranged and everything. Trying this blue one now! I also have another saved that I liked that I might try another time. This is kind of exhausting! I like this blue one because I really like the tree in the back, because it reminds me of the forest and every time I see a forest I have a million ideas running through my head! It's pretty inspiring for me for some reason!

So how does this one look to everyone? From my view everything looks fine, layout wise. Not sure how it looks to everyone else. The one thing I don't like is that the time stamp is so small. Not sure how to make that bigger and if I have a post scheduled than that doesn't even get a time stamp since it was scheduled.


  1. I love the clean look - and the purple! I'm not quite sure how to solve your issues on the layout stuff because I find the only way to do so is to look at the actual html, but I wish you luck, Jessica! :)

  2. I'm not sure if it'll help but try removing the Follower's widget and re-adding it. It just looks like an empty widget placement to me.

    Also, your "Subsribe via email" is going crazy on the right hand side of the screen!

    I see your profile pic just fine. :)

    Some of your sidebar titles are wrapping outside of the red bar, so I'd either adjust the font size or shorten (or even delete) the widget title. I don't put titles on my book widgets for this same reason (it hinders the organizing of the widgets but it looks better).

    I'd also suggest doing a rotating blogger button widget instead of the super long sidebar of blogger buttons. A great tutorial I used is HERE. It's my "Awesome blogs" widget on my blog. Also, you should grab my button, I didn't see it on here! :(

    I like the purple! I'm also a fan of the short posts on the main page. I had a template like that once, wasn't a fan of how it scrunches the pictures though. :(

  3. Oh gosh... I, also being technically challenged, have no idea how to help. But I can be kinda helpful and say that I think that it looks great! Nothing is going crazy on my end, so that's a bonus!

  4. I love this new look you found and glad you got your follower widget and your email subscriber widget to work as all signed up pretty.... If you need any help making a scroller for your blog buttons let me know as it is very easy like Jess said if you use PJ's tutorial especially!

    As for as the top menu bar buttons not sure how to work on those even had access to your blog....
    jackie >_<

  5. I can see your followers fine - is your flash driver up to date? I looked at the HTML and didn't see anything untoward. (you can see html on any page (View.Page Source).It is a nice layout. I am not sure what you are seeing in the page stuff. There is a widget you need to install.
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  6. BTW - not a huge fan of movement or music on the page, it distracts me. It does give you more space.

  7. I like this new look too!
    I love creepy trees...

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  9. Nice look hon! Have you tried the Blogger template editor?? you can chose the colors yourself, add a menu tab etc... its great!


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