Dec 7, 2010

White Flame Tour/Contest

Starting December 10, Jordan Deen's Half Moon blog tour will begin! I'll be one of the blogs to stop at for an interview with Jordan and a piece of the puzzle that will allow you a chance to win a copy of Half Moon! I'll be posting my review for the book sometime before Jordan stops at my blog which is January 2, 2011.

There will be 11 stops to make from December 10-January 11. And it ends at Jordan's blog, so really it's 12 blogs to visit!

The prize is Half Moon swag, a signed ARC of Half Moon, a $25 Barnes and Noble Gift card, and a leather bound bracelet!

This bit here is taken from Jordan's blog explaining what you have to do at each blog you visit:

"The tour starts on 12/10/10 and will end on 1/13/11-- 'Half Moon's official release date. There are 11 bloggers total (calendar below). If you want to participate, you start on # 1 and end back here. Each blogger will have a brief interview, exclusive 'Half Moon' review and a word or section of words that you will need to collect. To be entered, you will need to follow each of the bloggers and post a comment on their review/interview posting.

At the end of the month long tour, you will have a sentence. You will email that sentence to: and leave a comment on the White Flame Tour post that will be up on 1/13/11 to conclude the tour."

Sound good?

Here is the list of blogs you'll have to visit in order to participate:
12/11/10 ReadingTeen
12/16/10 The Leo's Den
01/02/11 a GREAT read
01/11/11 Mundie Moms

Then it ends back at Jordan's blog:
1/13/11 Jordan Deen

UPDATE: A quick note, the rules have changed, Jordan is no longer doing the sentence portion of the contest. Instead you must leave a meaningful comment on each blog's interview and review including Jordan's at the end of the event to be eligible to win the prize package!

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