Dec 7, 2010

Review--Vampires Not Invited by Cheyenne McCray

Vampire attacks are on the rise in the city that never sleeps. So why is half-human, half-Drow private eye Nyx tracking down Sprites? Sure, these "young bloods" are causing mischief all over town--like painting the Statue of Liberty's toenails neon pink. But it's not until Nyx finds herself at the Pit, the city's hottest nightclub for paranorms, that she understands what she's really up against...

Seems Master Vampire Volod has a plan--and the Sprites are in on it. By targeting the weaknesses of every paranorm in the city, from Elves to Shifters to Zombies, Volod and his fang gang aim to rule the night once and for all. Over Nyx's dead body. She loves a good challenge--and she will seduce danger at every turn to throw Volod off course. It's time for Nyx to enter the beating heart of this dark conspiracy...before driving a stake through it.

Cheyenne McCray's Night Tracker series has quickly become one of my favorites! I'll admit to being skeptical about it at first, but I am totally done with that feeling! This series is GREAT! And the latest in the series, Vampires Not Invited puts the series on its course!

If the Sprites' mischief wasn't enough, now the Vampires are getting involved. They are now the number one problem and the number one enemy. For too long Vampires have never been taken seriously. They are not true paranorms for they were once human. The Vampires are done hiding in the shadows, not literally of course since they still must avoid sunlight!

Big trouble is about to find Nyx and her other Tracker friends. Big, big trouble. The Vampires are after something that will give them total control over the world--in their eyes and their plan really does give them all the control and power they need, so it's not that far off base of taking over the world!

The action was pretty good, hardly any dull moments! And of course there was a good dose of danger that Nyx gets herself into! 

The romance was decent as well, not a whole lot but the bits that were between Adam and Nyx were very intense! That's what I love about these books (along with others), they aren't overloaded with sex scenes, but the romance scenes that you do get are pretty intense and I like how they are tastefully written!

There were quite a few surprises in the story as well, which I won't share. The ending is a doozie though! It makes you think if somethings might carry over into the next book. And if there weren't already enough clues in the past three books and the knowledge that the third book is titled, Zombies Sold Separately, zombies will be the next thing Nyx tackles and since she HATES zombies, the next one will definitely be a GREAT read!

Overall I give this one a 4.5/5 stars. My only problem was I had a lapse in reading time and somethings got lost and muddled, but that was more because of how I read it! It was still just as amazing as the first two!


  1. I haven't heard of this series. It sounds very interesting. I love vampires.
    Thanks for discussing the romance scenes. I don't go for really descriptive sex scenes. I'd prefer my reading to be well-written over voyeuristic.
    I'll have to look this one up.

  2. I've seen this book around... it sounds great! Awesome review! =)


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