Dec 29, 2010

Quickie Reviews

Since these two were rather short, the reviews will be brief. I loved Jenna Black's debut YA novel, Glimmerglass, so I jumped at the chance to receive this short story, Remedial Magic, for free via Amazon.

It was short like I said, but it dealt with Ethan and his sister, Kimber. Since it's been several months since I last read Glimmerglass, it took me awhile to remember the characters. But as it was short, I didn't stay too long in this world.

It basically deals with Kimber trying to learn magic. Or more magic. Whichever, and it results in quite a surprise. Like a horror version of Toy Story, but not quite Chucky.

Overall I'd give it 3.5/5, it was good and perhaps it was the distance from reading Glimmerglass that made it harder for me to remember the characters. Not a bad read really. Just a few pages long, but Dana wasn't in it, so that might have made it a little harder to connect with as well.

And as you know, I LOVED 13 to Life so I nabbed Shannon Delany's prequel story, Beasts and BFFs as well.

This one seemed shorter to me and was another okay like read. Since it's a prequel we don't get to see everyone, in fact we just see Jessie, Sarah, and Amy.

There wasn't much to the storyline here except seeing a moment with the friends, or rather Amy's dislike of Sarah, which we learned why back in 13 to Life!!

But basically the girls have a close encounter with something scary and hairy while on a jog and that was the gist of it.

Again, nothing major happening here either, but it was still pretty enjoyable for a short prequel story. Can't expect too much out of them but it was kind of interesting, because we see how the friends are with one another and Amy's strong dislike of Sarah.

Overall I give this on a 3.5/5 as well, mostly because I was hoping for the appearance of a certain someone, but alas, he was not the way I wanted to see him at least. ;)

You can find these titles for free at Amazon for a short time I believe, unless they're free forever...not sure about that, so nab them while you can. Just click on the title links to be directed to their page on Amazon.

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  1. Hmmmm... I don't know if I will read "Beasts and BFFs" if my darling Pietr is not in it... Tough decision!


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