Jun 1, 2011

Cover Copy Reveal--Juliet Blackwell

I got an email just awhile ago with Juliet Blackwell's newsletter in it and besides promotion for Hexes and Hemlines which I cannot wait to read!! There was also the cover copy reveal for Dead Bolt, her next Haunted Home Renovation Mystery! This is another series Juliet writes that debuted last year! I really enjoyed it! It's the kind of mystery that I love most.

I guess you could call it a "cozy" mystery, but there is still plenty of suspense and of course something supernatural going on and most likely a murder!

General Contractor Melanie Turner's latest restoration is a historic Queen Anne Victorian in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood. Trouble is, she'll have to work around the owners, the Daley family, who refuse to leave during the construction. But when eerie things start happening around the site, the Daleys threaten to call off the renovation for fear the work is disrupting ghosts who live on the property.

But the ghosts aren't the only ones getting in the way of the renovation. The Daley's neighbors aren't exactly thrilled by the muss and fuss of the construction project. When Mel's father finds a dead body, Mel must tack on one more task to her growing to-do list. She has to finish the job, bring the house back from the brink, and complete her greatest renovation project yet: restoring her reputation... 

Dead Bolt releases December 6, 2011

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