Jun 16, 2011

*Review--Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton*

It starts off simply.

Draw a circle ... place a dead leaf in the center ... sprinkle some salt ... recite a little Latin ... add a drop of blood ...

Maybe that last part isn't exactly simple. Yet somehow it feels right to Silla Kennicott. And nothing in her life has felt remotely right since her parents' horrific deaths. She's willing to do anything to uncover the truth about her family—even try a few spells from the mysterious book that arrived on her doorstep ... and spill some blood.

The book isn't the only recent arrival in Silla's life. There's Nick Pardee, the new guy next door who may have seen Silla casting a spell. She's not sure what he saw and is afraid to find out. But as they spend more time together, Silla realizes this may not be Nick's first encounter with Blood Magic. Brought together by a combination of fate and chemistry, Silla and Nick can't deny their attraction. And they can't ignore the dark presence lurking nearby—waiting to reclaim the book and all its power.

Tessa Gratton's intoxicating first novel will keep pulses racing, minds reeling, and pages turning right up to the very last drop of blood.

Tessa Gratton's debut Blood Magic was unlike anything I was expecting! I had read some good reviews and though I'd give it a try. Plus, I love the cover! 

If anything you could categorize this as a "magic" type book. There's not a whole lot of paranormal other than that going on. No ghosts, vampires or werewolves, but other dark sinister things that can come from magic. There's some backstory that we have to learn in order to understand what's happening in present day, so there are journal entries every other chapter or so. At first it kind of threw me off, but then I just started to roll with it as that tends to be my motto when reading!

The story's told from Silla and Nicholas's p.o.v. in first person and it was very interesting. This way we get to see the same events--almost--but from 2 p.o.v.'s. And also what's happening with one of them when the other isn't around. 

There's sort of a mystery going on that not everything is clear. Silla's parents were murdered and Silla is the only one who believes their deaths happened in another kind of way and not the obvious one that everyone, including her brother, believes. Then Silla receives a package in the mail with a letter and a journal. A journal that has spells in it, and it belonged to her father as she is told in the note.

Soon Silla becomes consumed by the magic, never having experienced things like it before. And when new-boy Nicholas sees her doing it in the beginning, oddly he doesn't find her crazy. There's more to him as well.

There's still quite a few secrets and details that are left unanswered and some shocking surprises along the way. Blood Magic was a truly fascinating read that held me captivated from the beginning to end. Which was slightly surprising to me since it wasn't fully paranormal which is my norm!

And yeah, I did like seeing St. Louis being mentioned a couple of times too! I will definitely be checking out Tessa's next book! She has made my author list for sure!

Overall rating 4/5 stars


  1. Cool! Just the other day I was considering buying this book, and after reading your review, I'll definitely pick it up! I love stories told from different POVs and I actually like the idea of journal entries here and there. And if there's magic, but not so many other paranormal elements, even better! Well, I think it's my kind of book!
    Thanks for a great review!:)

  2. Great review! This is another book that I bought when it came out, that I can't wait to read!

    I love the cover too. So simple, yet perfect!

  3. The cover is rather gorgeous, however I was worried it was going to be a little too dark blood magic-y but after reading your review that doesn't sound like the case. I'll have to check this one out.

    ♥ Lisa @ For the Love of Books

  4. Nice! definately have it added to my TBR pile...

  5. I've got this on my reading list, and I'm hoping to get to it soon! Glad to hear you enjoyed it too. :) Thanks for the awesome review!

  6. I haven't read this book but I'm going to add it to my TBR pile. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great weekend!


  7. I think I have about 100 physical books in my TBR pile, and I think I bring home 2 books for every 1 that I read!

    Anja @ http://reading2011.blogspot.com

  8. UF really is an amazing genre! I so agree.
    Thnx for stopping by my blog today!
    Have a wonderfull weekend!


  9. Sounds like an exciting read! Love the cover.
    Great review!

  10. It's a wonderful thing, I discovered Amelia Atwater-Rhodes this past summer and now I have two books of hers, one of them being Shapeshifters. I really enjoy Urban Fantasy as well, but I've been trying to branch out a bit in my reading as well and not keep myself boxed into just one genre. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung


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