Jun 10, 2011

Review--Zombies Sold Separately by Cheyenne McCray

Nyx hates Zombies. Seriously. Hates. Zombies. Ever since she was a youngling, she's been haunted by them. And even though she's a big girl now—a half-human, half-Drow private eye, to be precise—Nyx bristles at the mere thought of the walking dead.

Meanwhile, the corpses of humans and paranorms alike are turning up all over New York City. Now it's up to Nyx to find out who—or what—is behind this series of horrific attacks. But it's only a matter of time before Nyx is drawn deeper into her darkest fears...and her worst nightmare about meeting a real, flesh-and-blood-hungry, body-snatching Zombie comes blindingly to life. Or death...

Cheyenne McCray's Zombies Sold Separately was absolutely the COOLEST Night Tracker Novel ever!! I've been excited about it ever since I heard the title, since as we all know from book 1, that Nyx HATES Zombies! So a book with her facing her most hated Paranorm how can it not be cool?!

There's even a new duo of characters being added to Nyx's team! There's never a shortage of great characters in these novels, which is another thing I love about them. We now have Penrod, a member of the fae and Colin, a genuine dragon! I loved Colin's sense of humor! He was funny and witty and yet he could be serious when the situation calls for it! That's my kind of character!

This case is probably one of the most toughest ones Nyx has ever had to deal with. Zombies, hello! But we've never really understood why she hated them so much. It was just a given, like in her glossary that's in the front of the book. Except now, we finally get to know what caused Nyx to have the strongest dislike of these Paranorms than all others. And it was pretty shocking.

There are other shocks along the way as well. Nyx has a lot on her plate this time around. Not to mention that people and Paranorms are going missing for a time and then returning. Something isn't quite right about them either and when members of Nyx's team start to go missing, she has to take serious action.

The book was well paced with action and Nyx trying to live out a semi-normal life with Adam, as normal as things can be that is. Truly there wasn't any slow moments in my opinion. It was just moving from one problem to another. 

There were even a few short chapters that were told from the bad guy's p.o.v., which became obvious in his first chapter. Although there it was third person p.o.v. so that we could distinguish that it was no longer Nyx telling the story. It did throw me off for a split second, until my brain computed the switch in "person". Nyx always uses first person and I can switch back and forth so easily it just threw me momentarily! 

The ending was shocking too! I mean after some of the events I can kind of figured something like that was going to happen, but it was still a nice surprise. And there was really only 1 tiny loose-end that didn't get tied up and I'm not sure if it's something we're supposed to remember or not, or if it's just something that resolved itself off scene...oh well! It wasn't too important, so don't stress about trying to find it!

Overall rating 5/5 stars, so can't wait to read Vampires Dead Ahead later this year. There was a sneak peek at the end of Zombies Sold Separately, but I always try NOT to read those, because they become torturous! It's like trying to have one tiny taste of cookie dough and then stopping. It's just not humanly possible! :)


  1. I haven't read any of the Night Tracker novels - but I have them all on my wish list. :)

    Great review.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I haven't paid much attention to this author but your review has me convinced I'll have to add this series to my WL! I really love that title ;)

  3. Oh, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with those teasers from the next book. But I just can't stop myself from reading them!

    Great review! I hadn't even heard of this series from what I can remember, but it does sound interesting!

    Rebecca @ kindle fever


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