Dec 1, 2011

Random Thursday

Okay today I have a mini rant to get off my chest. And it's about e-books vs. physical books. Which do you prefer? The big question for readers. And for me the answer is always physical books. 

Yes, it's not environmentally friendly. But it's one vice that I indulge in and don't plan on giving it up. And for the main reason is that e-books and physical books, such as Mass Market Paperbacks are the exact same price. That bugs me. Hardcovers and some trade paperbacks--the ones that go for $15 at least--can be discounted a bit at Amazon. 

Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but it still costs $8 to get a mass market paperback whether it's a Kindle book or the physical book. Except that I can get some discount off the physical book. Granted it's never as good as I would get at Borders, Barnes and Nobles gives me the occasional 15% off coupon and if the author is popular enough I can get it 25% off at Target or Walmart.

But I was wondering, does it bug anyone else that e-books and physical mass market paperbacks--and usually YA trade paperbacks that are $10--are the same price? I mean, shouldn't the e-book be a little cheaper? It is with hardcovers and adult trade paperbacks. It bothers me. I mean the Kindle wasn't cheap when I bought it, had I know that nearly 1 year later the Kindle was going to be updated and this version would go wayyy down, I might have waited, of course I did get mine as a gift. But still. Why do Kindle books have to be the same price as physical books?

Sure there's no tax or shipping charge, but still it bugs me. For the extra dollar or two that I lose in the venue I can get the feel and smell of a good book. And plus have something for an author to sign when I stalk them I see them.


  1. ...and, you can give your paper copy to any friend you choose, when you're done with it so that they can enjoy it too.

    I vote 'REAL' books for me too!

    Having said that, I've got about 100 kindle books, BUT I've never spent any money on them. I just mooch around the freebie secition and pick off the interesting ones. You've gotta be quick though, some of the popular ones are only free for a day or so then hike back up to regular price.

    I just read them on my pc though, I don't have a device. Actually, that should be "I 'WILL' read them on my pc...if I ever find myslef with a spare moment and zero paper books to read. that'll not be happening any time soon then! Comforting to know they're there when/if I need them though.

  2. I agree to 100% real books are best!!

  3. Real books all the time. The shop where I work has just started selling the KOBO ereader, and we're supposed to be focusing on selling them, but I'm not being won over. An ereader is just a gadget, another kind of computer as far as I'm concerned. Books are books. They have souls, they are friends.

    Besides, you can't read a Kindle (or Kobo) in the bath, lend it to friends, and if you leave it on the bus, you're stuck.

  4. I have to admit, I do love my ereader. Yes, it bugs me that ebooks are the same price as a paperback and I wish this wasn't the case. But I love being able to carry a whole book collection around with me in my bag. Plus the fact that I live in a tiny flat with my husband and two young kids so space is a major issue. I just like that fact that I can own the books without my whole flat being over-run by them.

  5. I have to say that I love both! It does annoy me to no end that most ebooks are the same price as the "real" book but I guess you have to consider that a lot of the same people still have to get their money. I actually read from my nook in the bath all the time I just secure it in a plastic zip lock bag and it's good to go:) I too get a lot of the free books and I love getting indie published books that are WAY less expensive in ebook than paper book. I just bought one that was 2.99 for the ebook and the paper would have been over 20.00. I think they both have their perks!
    Shari (My Neurotic Book Affair)

  6. I will always love a physical book, but do to certain physical limitations it is easier for me to read ebooks and I am definitely on that bandwagon. However, I have a personal moratorium on the ebooks that are put out by publishers at a higher cost than the physical books. Some are even more expensive in ebook format than the hardbound books, which I think is ridiculous. I do not begrudge an author or publisher for that matter making money off of their labors (especially the authors)as this is only right, but I do refuse to pay more for an ebook, which in reality is more cost effective to produce and distribute, as well as being echo friendly. Thanks for sharing today and letting me rant as well.


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