Dec 15, 2011

Random Thursday

Took me a bit to find a topic to chat about, so for whatever reason, I got on to horror movies. Not just any horror movies, but the classics. I'm talking black and white ones!

The first one I ever saw and still love today is Creature from the Black Lagoon! Of course, I enjoy this one and the others for the wrong reasons. I like them because they crack me up! 

Yes, the film was from 1954, but still it's just crazy! Funny too! I could see them doing a remake one day in the future with special effects and added cheesiness. Not sure that the creature would fall in love with the beautiful girl or just want to kill her! 

But this was the first classic horror movie I ever remember watching on TCM and I just loved it! There was even a few sequels. But of course they were nowhere as good as the original!

1 comment:

  1. The first one I every saw was House on Haunted Hill at the theater in the early 50s. It really tramatized me. I avoid horror movies and books.


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