Dec 22, 2011

Random Thursday

Can you believe it's almost Christmas already?! It's insane! I swear, once Halloween comes around the corner, the rest of the year does fly by! And it's insanely hard to stay eating healthy with all those holidays, plus birthdays in between!
But anyway today I feel like rambling about a few of my fave traditions about Christmas!

First off and simply enough, I love baking Christmas cookies! We bake quite a variety every year and they're so good! My fave is the sugar cookie cutouts! They are a pain to make, part of the reason why we only make them once a year, but they are soooooo good! Especially with homemade icing!

My second tradition involves wrapping my older sister's gift! For the past several years, as long as I've been working I suppose...I've always disguised her gift! That involves double boxing and double wrapping! Still don't get tired of it!

My last tradition, which I'm pleased to say is still a go this year, is watching the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story! This was my fave, and still is, Christmas movie as a kid! Never get tired of it! Although my family does!

If you've never seen this movie, you should! You'll have ample amount of opportunity this weekend! The marathon runs on TBS, so check your local television provider for channel numbers and it starts at 7pm (CST) and it runs ALL day and night! Even at the awkward hours of 3am!

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  1. Oh, yes! I really can't believe it's Christmas this WEEKEND. It's crazy. And odd as we are, we celebrate the 24th in Sweden so it's even sooner. Lots of food to prepare as well. We actually don't bake a lot, but definitely some things. And I agree, after Halloween the rest just flies by. Aww, I can't wait for the traditional Christmas movies and shows... *sigh*


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