May 7, 2013


Okay, here I was trying to create my RT wrap up post, but Blogger is acting so wonky! It will not allow me to upload my photos. And I really need them too!! Two are for the contest I want to hold and therefore are necessary.

Any chance anyone knows what's up with Blogger? I know people always seem to have one issue or another with it and is the reason behind people moving to Wordpress or having their own domain. I generally don't have too many issues with Blogger. With the annoying occasion where none of my blogs I follow pops up in the little feed on my dashboard, this is the second critical issue I've had!

And it is still soooo aggravating!! Why can't I upload photos? I've done it dozens of time before. But every time I got to do that, the photo block sits there and the progress bar shows Uploading 1 of 1 and NEVER MOVES!!!!

So does anyone know what's up with this or how I could possibly if at all, work around it? I've tried copying and pasting a photo in there and Blogger did not like that at all! I've also tried uploading photos through the html code and got the EXACT same results. 

So yeah, I am completely aggravated and frustrated that I finally find the energy to do all this and have nothing work at all. Hence the GRRR!!! title!


  1. Sometimes.. I have issues uploading pictures but not because of Blogger but because of Firefox. Then when I open Safari and do it through there it works perfectly. So who knows?


  2. Errmm, can you use photobucket? Upload your pics to photobucket then add them into your post with the img html code? Or does that not work either?


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