May 9, 2013

Random Thursday

Success!! Photos are loading!! Just had to take a million snapshots and send in feedback, but it's working!! Yay!

Meet my vampire bear. I named him Vlad, original I know. ;) I made him at Build a Bear a few years back. He was an "adopted" bear because I saw the vampire costume and wanted to see if this particular bear looked cute in it or not. He did, so I just bought him! In a way, you almost feel bad for all those teddy bears that are the "example" bear. They sit there. But then, where do they go? Do they ever get homes? I hope so. (Yes, I'm still a child at heart!)

He was the old velvet bear that was good for kids with allergies. But it's still really soft. I've had him on my shelf ever since dressed in his outfit! Because naturally, vampires are an all year round thing and not just for Halloween!

1 comment:

  1. Awwwww, he's cute! You need to make him a chick vampire bear. :)


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