May 11, 2013

Mini Review--Cloud City by Jeanne C. Stein

Vampire Anna Strong never expected to find the witch Sophie Deveraux on her doorstep, asking for a favor. But Sophie needs help, even if it's from the vampire who killed her sister. Anna, driven both by guilt and obligation, agrees to help Sophie and her psychic alter-ego Jonathan. So begins an adventure that takes them to Leadville, Colorado. All too soon, Anna wonders whether Sophie is truly a victim of circumstance . . . or the author of a clever plot to rid herself of her unwanted psychic twin.

So while at RT, Jeanne C. Stein mentioned to me when I was chatting with her at the E-book Expo that her novella, Cloud City was going to be available for FREE during the convention. So later that night I made sure to download this one. Can pass up free now can you?

It was a pretty good story too! Sophie Deveraux, Belinda Burke's sister, needs Anna's help. She still houses the vampire ghost Jonathan inside of her and he's decided that he wants to write a book about this life! I mean, who doesn't want to read a vampire book these days? Plus it's about a real vampire too! But things start to get a little dicey. Sophie isn't too sure of their editor who wants to publish the book.

Turns out the editor knows more about Jonathan that Sophie thought. Apparently, Jonathan turned his great grandmother into a vampire years ago, essentially ruining their family name and all that jazz. He wants revenge. Anna is there for backup and protection, but it turns out Sophie has other plans than just trying to help Jonathan with his book and keep his...or her head. Sophie is going to get Jonathan once and for all and get her life back.

Anna is sort of concerned because she thinks Sophie might be taking the same dark path that her sister, Belinda took awhile back. But Sophie is so determined to get rid of Jonathan, she wants to be in control of her life and not have to share it with him, no matter what benefits housing the spirit of a once vampire may have.

This was a nice quick read. Very enjoyable, but isn't one of those that really ties itself into the series. Like not reading this novella won't leave you confused in a book in the series. This was purely just a fun read!

There was an interesting turn of events towards the end, that I didn't really expect to happen. I guess I was thinking something more deadly and sinister. The ending was actually quite nice!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. Just a plain fun read is nice sometimes. Sounds awesome. Happy you enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks for the review, Jennifer. Glad you liked the story! And great chatting with you at RT!


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