May 2, 2013

Random Thursday

Thinking back on other minis series I've enjoyed, does anyone else remember the not-too-old mini series Alice? It was on the SyFy channel in 2009!

I thought it was pretty awesome. A modern day woman getting sucked into Wonderland, but it's not the Wonderland we all know. Naturally this woman is named Alice, and everyone in Wonderland wonders if she's the same Alice that visited them many years ago.

It starred Caterina Scorsone, Andrew Lee Potts, Kathy Bates, Tim Curry, and lots of other actors.

Personally I LOVED Andrew Lee Potts who played Hatter. His character acted as a guide for Alice while she's in a very different Wonderland and helping her to find a way home. Although, he begins to not want her to go home... Also, he was pretty hot!


  1. I did not see Alice but Andrew looks like the guy who played in Primevil (also on Syfy) I'm going to go look that up!

  2. I am just seeing your new redesign! I really like it. Especially the purple ;) I am going to be doing a new design on my blog soon as well. I haven't seen Alice, but it's definitely interesting. I always love reading your Random Thursdays. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  3. I am going to be doing a month of OZ on my blog for Classics Retold month and will for sure be doing a review on this show!!!


  4. Huh...I didn't even know this series existed. I'm going to have to check it out for sure. I'm such a sucker for stuff from that channel ;)

  5. I didn't see this mini-series, but I heard good things. I think it's on Netflex, so I'll have to look into it.


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