May 16, 2013

Random Thursday

Have you ever noticed that some of the early princes in Disney movies have no names? Like at all. To top it off the first two were hardly there and barely say anything at all! They had no lines? What's up with that?

I get that the story is about the princess, the titles let you know that. But still, I kind of thought that these guys would say more than a few words! But they are totally silent! And nameless!!

Here we have Prince Charming and Prince Charming, I guess! Both Snow White and Cinderella's princes have no names.

Now I never did watch the Cinderella sequels, so I don't know if they decided to name him then. I know he got a few more lines in those from the glimpses I saw of them on Disney channel!

Our other nameless prince isn't quite from the early category. After Prince Charming the Second from Cinderella, we had Prince Phillip and then Prince Eric! Names, by golly!

But then suddenly the naming stopped in 91, we have The Beast. Yes, I loooove Beauty and the Beast, but even as a kid, I didn't quite like us having to call him The Beast, or Beast. Yeah, that was his "name" since that's what he was. But even after he turns into a prince, there's no "My real name is..." I suppose kids don't care about these kinds of things, but I kind of did. 

At least with Beauty and the Beast. "Beast" felt insulting. And I know that's because it was supposed to be because he wasn't a nice guy before Belle came along. But really, did he forget his name somewhere along those 10 years? Which is another odd thing, that would mean--I suppose--that he was turned into a Beast when he was 11 years old, since the narrator makes the comment of him reaching his 21st year. Unless, he was 21 at the time and time just froze for him.

I suppose that one makes more sense since Chip appears as a child. I doubt the Enchantress who cast the curse would allow teapots to reproduce teacups! Which is another matter--again--where is Mr. Potts? But that's a post for another day!


  1. I’m one of those 90’s kids and yes, I didn’t hear any of Prince’s names but for some new and latest sequels, you could hear their names. Maybe for some Disney related books, you can read the names of them made from the creativity of each writer to write their amazing book.

  2. The two princes having the same name drives me nuts. I love the name Prince Charming but why did it have to be two princes with that name. errrr



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