May 23, 2013

Movie Review--Iron Man 3

I totally forgot to write this up days ago! But I finally saw Iron Man 3 last weekend and it was flippin amazing! Now I don't know squat about the comic book world and what really happens as in the case of the Spiderman movies and how they are now starting them over, apparently our new set is The Amazing Spiderman and that's a different spin on the comic books, as my cousin tried explaining to me at one point.

Anyway, Iron Man 3 takes place after The Avengers, so if you haven't seen that incredible movie--which I really recommend!--then you might be a tad confused as to some of the references being made to New York, a giant wormhole and aliens. Well, Tony is having moments of PTSD from that ordeal as he was the one flying through the wormhole to try to save the planet and it was possible that he might not make it back out. After that ordeal, having a little case of post-traumatic stress disorder seems logical.

There's a new villain in town and he's called The Mandarin. He's bombing places and killing people, typical villain like behavior. But when one of the bombs hurts Tony's friend, things get personal and Tony makes it his mission as Iron Man to track down this guy and end him. Unfortunately, the bad guys find him first and chaos reigns! Pepper is nearly killed and then kidnapped, as the bad guy has his cronies. Only these cronies are very weird and are nearly impossible to kill.

Tony is going to need a little help in order to stop the Mandarin and save the president--The Mandarin's target--before all is lost. You know, the typical superhero plot line!

I totally loved the movie! I tend to like the comic book movies despite never having read any. I guess in some way it leads back to my love of paranormal reading. Superheroes tend to have something strange about them that makes them hero capable. Like Thor being a demigod, Spiderman being bit the radioactive spider and getting super powers, but like Batman, he and Iron Man are just regular dudes with an insane amount of money and have the desire to fight for justice for those who need it. Of course Tony is also a flipping genius, but I think Bruce was pretty smart and savvy himself.

As with any Iron Man movie there is a bit of humor tossed in here and there! Tony and his quips are just hilarious and always worth a laugh! There is tons of action and surprises as well. That's the best part of the comic book movies and not knowing anything about them, you can be taken completely by surprise by something that might be obvious.

The ending was spectacular! Although it left me wondering if there would be more Iron Man movies, The Avengers 2 is already going to happen, so I suppose it's possible, I just don't know. And since I saw the movie with a friend, I didn't stay to sit through the credits to see what little clip there was at the end. It will be easier to see it on DVD anyway, it's usually just something small! But anyway, Iron Man 3 was totally epic and definitely worth a see!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. I loved this movie too! I loved the PTSD angle. And the kid! The exchanges there were so funny. I really enjoyed all of Rhodey's appearances. Iron Man 3 just made me want to watch all the recent superhero movies again!

  2. i haven't seen it yet because of the theater here had a crappy timing for it at night so i'm waiting for the dvd release to watch....crappy decision but i have to make do...

    Le' Grande Codex

  3. I do know that Robert Downing, JR will not be in anymore Iron Man movies. He will be in the next two Avengers movies though so we will still get to see him there!! yeah!

    Angela's Anxious Life


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