May 30, 2013

Random Thursday

Here's a thought I had from awhile back and wrote it down for a random post: What is up with the new--not so new now--shape of Trix cereal?

As one little post said as I was looking for the pictures, they look nothing more like tye-dyed cocoa puffs. They are pretty boring looking. I mean they are just colorful puffs! What happened to the detailed fruit shapes?

Obviously it's a money answer. I mean why would you want a bowl of the first one, when you could have this one? Look how much cooler it looks! 

It had to be a money issue and the shapes were getting too costly. But you'd think after sooo many years of the cereal being in that shape that it would be fine.

Another picture I saw that made me laugh said: What if Trix really are for kids? And I can't see the fruit shapes anymore cause I'm an adult?

Truly makes you wonder! ;)


  1. Haha, that's so cute! Wouldn't be funny if the shapes really disappeared when you grew older! I don't have Trix cereal in Australia but I'd say our equivalent is Fruit Loops. Full of sugar and not in a cool shape. :L Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier by the way!
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

  2. Maybe they're Retro-Trix. Once upon a time, like in the 60s, Trix used to look like those in the top bowl. I didn't realize Trix had changed - lol. They used to be just like Kix, only colorful and fruit-flavored.

  3. I noticed this too! :(
    "What if Trix really are for kids? And I can't see the fruit shapes anymore cause I'm an adult?" <---That is hilarious!

    Sabrina @iheartyafiction


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