Jan 9, 2014

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: Resolutions: Put together your blogger resolution list for all of us to see!
MY ANSWER: It's all about the resolutions this week! Well, in my previous post my bookish resolutions were:
1. Try to publish my own book in some format, be it self-pub or the really lucky route of the traditional way!
2. Read over 150 books! Last year I read 200+ so I guess I would like to aim for the same number, if not higher, but I never know what life might throw at me, so I aimed a tad lower.
3. I would really like to be able to finish writing my second book. It's kind of been sitting in limbo for awhile due to writer's block and me just being a bit bad and not writing.
So those were my bookish related resolutions!


  1. Publishing your own book would be awesome! :) I hate having writer's block, but I wish you good luck publishing your book. (;

    My FF :)

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  2. Oh Jessica, I feel you!
    I want to publish my one of my books too. It's just that the editing killing me and I want it to be spotless, so I edit more and time flies!

    What is your book about? Do you have a chapter here to read? :)

  3. I wish you the best with the second book, you can do this!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Old follower!

  4. Oh, good luck with your writing. I've been trying to finish up my books as well. And I definitely want to achieve my goal of reading 50 or more books this year. Good for you getting through so many last year. I've been slacking a lot in that area :)

    Happy Friday! :)

    My FF

  5. Great resolutions! I so wish I could do 200 books in a year. I only generally do about a quarter of that. Good for you! And good luck with all your resolutions! :D Happy Friday!

    My FF

  6. Nice resolutions! And good luck with all of them, especially publishing your book :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Old Follower
    Zareena @ Books and Books

  7. Good luck with the publishing :)


  8. Wow, publishing your own book would be awesome! Good luck! Have a great weekend!

    ~Pam @ Moonlight Reader

  9. When do we get a clue about what your book is about? Did I miss it somewhere? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  10. I think is awesome you want to publish your own book and I feels you on that writers block issue. Hope you break through it soon. Happy New Year and all that Jazz.

  11. Fingers crossed on publishing your book!! :)

    Whiskey @ Unladylike Reviews

  12. Wow good luck with your book! That's awesome. Have a great week.

    My FF

    Lacie @ Rainy Dayz Reviewz

  13. Great Resolutions, Jessica! I'll definitely gonna visit you more!~

    My FF Post
    Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  14. Good luck publishing your book! I'm kind of in a writer's rut myself! I need to get back to writing soon! I've been a follower of your blog via gfc for awhile, but I just started my own blog! :)

    Pivot Book Reviews FF

  15. Good luck with the writing and the publishing, Jessica!!

    And happy reading, too! :)

  16. Ooo good luck on the writing front ;) I should have added write more on my list. Or write AGAIN LOL. I hope to have a writing contest on my blog this year though. Being on the pub side hopefully I can help some writer on the road to publication ;) Happy Friday!

  17. Awesome resolutions!! I hope your book gets published :D

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Great resolutions, I went the self published route via Amazon KDP, very easy to do but now the hard work that is self promoting it. Just quit my job as I want to write that second book to. I feel I need to clear the decks and really sit down for a few hours and concentrate to write. Goodluck!
    PS if you want to do a review of my book let me know and I sent you a free copy.

  19. Great resolutions. Good luck with writing and publishing your books!
    Thanks for stopping by the Harem :0)

  20. Love your blog and great resolutions, I wish you luck!

    New follower via GFC

    Gizzimomo xx


  21. Great goals, Jessica! I have faith you'll be able to accomplish them :)
    My recommendation for writing is just try to write as much as you can every day. I try to aim for around 500 to 1000 words per day, if I'm at the writing stage. If I'm at the world building/plotting stage, I try to work on that stuff for 20 to 30 minutes. It doesn't always work out, but sometimes it does :)

    Old follower

    Kim @ YA Asylum

  22. Publishing your own book would be amazing! I hope you'll accomplish all your goals, but mainly I hope you'll get to publish your book :)
    Good luck.


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