Jan 9, 2014

Random Thursday

Okay, so I've been saving this tidbit for awhile! I tend to write things down as they come to me in my planner and today's the day that I share with you all a blooper from the Disney Desk Calendar from 2013. Disney geek that I am, I noticed a flaw with this picture!

Well, it's not so much that the factoid was wrong, in fact, it's quite right about the movie. It's just the picture does not match with the factoid. One would thing the fact would match up with the picture. Tangled is one of my fave Disney movies and this scene is just before the reprise of Mother Knows Best! So it's not necessarily when Rapunzel realizes that Mother Gothel has been lying to her. That comes later!

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  1. HAH true..... It's good we have people like you to point these things out. ;)

  2. Tangled is one of my favorites also! And you are completely right (I now want this calendar).....
    Thanks for sharing :-)
    New bloglovin follower.

    Em @ http://theyabookbutterfly.blogspot.com/

  3. haha! So true, I love it when people point/find these things out! :) xx


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