Jan 14, 2014

Mini Review--Howling for You by Chloe Neill

Jeff Christopher is a shapeshifter and ally of Chicago’s Cadogan House of vampires—he’s also a tech whiz and mostly-legal hacker. And the only protective shields he’s never been able to find a way around are those of the powerful Keene Family.

For a long time, Jeff has only had eyes for the beautiful Fallon Keene. Unfortunately, she is the only sister of the lethal North American Central Pack Apex Gabriel Keene. The intricate balances of power and politics make it all but impossible for Fallon to trust her feelings.

But fate takes a hand when the Pack’s totem is stolen—threatening the Keene family’s rule—and Fallon enlists Jeff’s help to retrieve it before the Pack is thrown into chaos. Can she and Jeff find the totem, and restore order, before it’s too late? And will Jeff finally be able to prove himself to the only person he truly loves?

I love Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampire series, so when I heard that Jeff had a novella coming out I was all for it! Howling for You is the story of Jeff and Fallon, but what surprised me most was that it was all in Fallon's point of view. I had just assumed it would be Jeff's since this was "Jeff's  novella". But that didn't have any effect on how awesome this novella was.

Fallon is second in line to be the leader of the Pack. First in line is Connor and he's still young and won't be leader for awhile. He's to be initiated into the Pack so that he may one day be the leader. In the meantime, Fallon is being set up on a slew of blind dates in order to find herself a mate so if and when the time comes for her to lead the Pack, she'd have the proper wolf mate. And sadly, Jeff, the man she loves to be with is only a tiger shifter. And the rule dictates that she must be with a wolf.

Fallon's dating issues are only part of the issue, the big issue comes along when the crown--the symbol of the Pack is stolen. Since Jeff set up their security system, he and Fallon team up to track down the bad guy.

As fast as novellas go by nature, it's safe to say this was a quick read. And an enjoyable one as well. I love the relationship between Jeff and Fallon. Of course, Jeff is awesome anyway, so that's half the battle there anyway, but Fallon--whose character hasn't been seen too much lately in the series and my memory of her is sketchy at best--was an intriguing and fun heroine too. She's got skills and knows how to handle herself.

To wrap up this not so mini review, Howling for You was incredible! I love Jeff and I loved getting to re-know Fallon! I was very happy with the outcome as well, but all things considered, you can kind of guess where it's going and since it is a novella, that's a good thing!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


    I'm debating on getting this one because I love me some Jeff but I don't really like novellas. I might have to end up getting this one though.

  2. Fallon sounds like a great character and one I would like to get to know.

  3. Oh wow. Great sounding novella. I really want to start her books. Need to find the time, but one day I plan too. :)


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