Jan 23, 2014

Random Thursday

It's January 23! Do you know what that means? You're probably thinking I have no idea!

It means there's only 110 days left to RT 2014 in NOLA! I am so excited for this one and feeling a little bit forlorn too. It's probably my last RT for awhile, a year or two at least. They are so pricy, but so much fun! I love being able to meet authors, especially since last year there was not one author visit for me.

I had missed an impromptu one from a few authors since the actual event was cancelled. Still devastated over that one!

I've already planned out some of my itinerary, choosing from the many panels that are going on throughout the day. Might be doing a lot of panel hopping!

Also, check out the cool bag Sylvia Day created this year! Every year she creates a bag for convention attendees and this year it has wheels!

You can probably expect to see a post like this once a month for awhile as I cannot wait to see NOLA! I plan on going early and doing a very quick sightseeing escapade! There's even more events going on early this year instead of everything starting on the Wednesday!

If anyone else is attending let me know! I'd love to catch up/meet with some bloggers while I'm there!


  1. The event sounds great, have loads of fun when you go =) Love the bag too!

  2. Very jealous! I went this past year because it was in my home city of Kansas City. I would love to go to New Orleans, but I've decided to spend my money to go to BEA again this year, partly because I'll have a free place to stay, my sister lives there, plus I won't have to worry about taking days off of school since BEA is the week after school is out. But have fun!

  3. I just posted a question about finding events like these. How do you get involved? Do you have to sign up for it or just show up? Thanks for telling us about this. If you have never been to NOLA you will love it. You have to go to Cafe Du Monde and get their beignets. There are two...one in the French Quarter and one on the boardwalk. You will love the culture there and the food! Have fun!!

  4. Ah, I would love to go to New Orleans so much! Especially for RT. I hope you have a blast :D I'll be jelly at home waiting for news while you're there. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


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