Jan 15, 2014

Mini Review--Two Tales Dark & Grim by Rachel Hawkins & Julie Kagawa

Venture back to a time when fairy tales were dark and terrifying in these modern-day adaptations of classic stories from two New York Times bestselling authors. In The Key by Rachel Hawkins, a girl uses her psychic abilities to look where she has been forbidden to look. And in The Brothers Piggett by Julie Kagawa, a chubby, insecure boy falls for a beautiful girl, with dangerous and devastating results.

And look for the full anthology, Grim, edited by Christine Johnson, featuring some of the hottest authors in the young adult market, out March 2014.

As I eagerly await the anthology, Grim, an anthology of fairy tales retold, I downloaded Two Tales Dark & Grim by Rachel Hawkins and Julie Kagawa for free! Two of my favorite authors who are in the big collection and I read their stories early! Yay!

I love fairy tales, I believe in some twisted way it's what spawned by love of paranormal stories. What with witches and curses and spells and fairies...that's Urban Fantasy in the making! And what was great about these two stories--and what I hope to see in the others once the full anthology releases--is that these fairy tales are true grim ones. We all know traditional fairy tales weren't really meant for children's entertainment. They were dark and well, grim!

Rachel Hawkins' The Key is peculiar story. I can't say what it's retelling, because that will spoil the surprise. But I have to say it was definitely a surprising read! Lana is a young girl who's mother is psychic. Lana herself has her own set of psychic abilities, but her mother's lies in telling futures while Lana can see bits of the past and present. When some kinds from her school come to see her mother, she sure it's a recipe for disaster. If only she knew...

The ending has a bit of a cliffhanger, sadly. I am left wondering what was going to happen next. But since I try to be optimistic, I'm going to go with that kind of ending!

Julie Kagawa's The Brothers Piggett, is surprisingly, a retelling of the Three Little Pigs. And as I said, it's a much darker version. We have people in this one, not talking pigs. But it has quite the spin. It kind of reads as an ordinary story at first, much like The Key. It has a few fairy tale like elements and possible hints at what might be happening, but it's not until the very end that the truth is revealed! My suspicions ended up being wayyy off, but I was glad for that! Julie's ending is much more fit!

If you're like me and LOVE fairy tales and fairy tale retellings and are DYING to read Grim, then I highly recommend downloading this one! It's an ebook only, but as you might know you can read ebooks without an ereader and this read is FREE! I would say I am sated until Grim releases, but that would be lying, but at least I was able to read two fantastic tales from the collection!

Click here to go to Amazon and download it.

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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