Jan 2, 2014

Review--Death and the Girl He Loves by Darynda Jones

The fate of the world is not something a girl wants on her shoulders, and that is especially true for Lorelei McAlister. Unfortunately for her, that is exactly where the world’s fate has decided to take up residence. Lorelei has seen firsthand the horrors that lie beneath our everyday world. And those horrors are getting her friends killed. Because of this, she agrees to leave the sanctity of her hometown and is sent to a different world entirely. A boarding school. But even here she is being watched. Someone knows what she is. What she carries inside her soul. And on top of that she’s seeing visions. This is nothing new for Lorelei. 

But these visions are something more: death, destruction, and the end of the world. 

Lorelei must face the fact that there are people who want her dead, and no matter where she goes, no matter how far she runs, the lives of her friends and family are in mortal peril. Lucky for her, her friends and family include the handsome Angel of Death, a fiercely protective half-angel, and a ragtag group of loyal supporters who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty in the name of fighting pure evil.

Death and the Girl He Loves is Darynda Jones' finale to the Darklight trilogy. It was definitely an exciting and fast paced read, yet the last third of the book or so, got a mite confusing, but I think that might have been Darynda's intent. Possibly.

Yes, confusing indeed, but moving on! Lorelei is in Maine, attending bordering school as she intended to do at the end of the second book. She's there now, believing that since she's here, the world won't come to an end. But she quickly learns how wrong she is and hurries back home. Then it becomes a race against the clock to figure out how to put a stop to the world coming to an end.

The sole focus of the book ended up being trying to stop the world from ending, along the way we learn a few things about Lorelei and the demon who went into her when she was a child. There's more insight to Dyson--the man who wanted to possess Malhuk (I think that's the spelling to the demon's name). Pretty much the book reveals quite a few of its secrets.

There's still the usual snark and laughter between friends and that's what I have come to love about this series. Lorelei is like Charley's little sister, I swear! She's definitely a bit more innocent in some ways of her snark, but still, Lorelei is definitely a riot!

There were a few moments between Jared and Lorelei that were just epically sweet and to die for! Just because they seem to be a cute couple, doesn't mean Jared is a total sweetheart. He's got an edge to him but he and Lorelei just make it work...in the realms of YA romance!

Again, this ending, just blew me away! I was stumbling through the pages, thinking that "this kind of thing" was happening, but I turned out to be so wrong! Err! I can't say it without spoilers, but it's definitely a jawdropper in all ways!

One teeny-tiny thing that pestered me that we got no answer to was what happened that night of camping between Glitch and Cameron. It's mentioned in passing, again, in the book, but there was never a recounting of what happened! What happened?!! It's driving me bonkers!

But other than that mishap and the ending that totally twisted my mind around...I have no complaints with Death and the Girl He Loves! In true Darynda fashion, she delivered a totally amazing story with lovable characters, a delectable romance (of the teen variety), and lots of snark! Can't forget the snark!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars


  1. yes, I completely agree the ending was a bit confusing. unlike the other series, this one was just mediocre for me, but I liked it nonetheless. Great review Jessica. Happy new year!

  2. I read the first book in this series and enjoyed it. I just haven't made time to read book 2 or book 3. I definitely need to move these up on my tbr.

  3. Hmmm... I haven't heard of this series before. I'm not sure about the confusing ending, though. Makes me feel like I might not want to invest in a new series if I'm just going to be frustrated at the end. It sounds like you really still liked it overall, though, so maybe it's worth it.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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