Jan 5, 2014

Graphic Novel Review--Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead & Ill. by Emma Vieceli

The third book in the series of New York Times best-selling adaptations of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy.

It's springtime at St. Vladimir's Academy, and Rose is close to graduation, but since making her first Strigoi kills, things haven't felt quite right. She's having dark thoughts, behaving erratically, and worst of all ...might be seeing ghosts. Consumed by her forbidden love with her tutor Dimitri and protecting her best friend, the Moroi princess Lissa, Rose is in no state to see the deadly threat that will change her entire world - and make her choose between the two people she loves most.

Wow, wow, wow!! I absolutely love re-experiencing the Vampire Academy series in graphic novel form! It's truly remarkable! Now I've mentioned a few times already that this might be the LAST graphic novel and I really do not want to see that happen, so buy this people, buy it!!

Shadow Kiss the Graphic Novel is the third one written by the ever talented Richelle Mead and illustrated by the fabuloys Emma Vieceli! Together these two bring Vampire Academy to life! Sure, we get a movie next month, but there's something so compelling and beautifully stunning about a graphic novel series. And as I said, Vampire Academy is my favorite graphic novel series ever!

We get a nice condensed version of this story and to all have read the books, know how earth shattering Shadow Kiss was--more reason why we NEED Blood Promise as a graphic novel, so again, BUY, BUY, BUY! In this one, we get more Adrian time, we only got such a small page time with him in Frostbite, now he's on several pages in full colored glory! And if we want to see him in his shiny role in Spirit Bound, we need to BUY the heck out of this one so there can be another three books!

Shadow Kiss has everything its novel companion had. And again, that means we get to see Rose and Dimitri get ever closer with their relationship. We get to relive all those glorious moments, like Rose and Christian taking down Strigoi!

I truly do love this series in its graphic novel form. Emma is without a doubt my favorite illustrator. I don't read many graphic novels, but I always look forward to this series, because I truly love her drawings of all our favorite characters. As I might have mentioned, I always have a hard time picturing concrete images in my head while reading, there's pictures, just not full colored glorious ones with lots of detail. Just more like colorful blobs with some facial features! I am weird I guess! But Emma truly brings life to the Vampire Academy series and I would be absolutely, freaking devastated, ahem, hate to see it end.

For all fans of the Vampire Academy series, I urge you to read these books. Not just because they are in danger of ending, although that is another reason why I implore you all, but because they are remarkable pieces of art! They are meant to be devoured and enjoyed in one sitting--as I read them. They let you revisit the Vampire Academy world in a condensed way, but they're are lots of pretty pictures and they can easily be re-read over and over again!

So be sure to buy a copy asap! ;)

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. This is my favorite book of the saga, I want my copy now, wil be awesome

  2. Hmmmm..... Vampire Diaries in graphic novel form. I can see how that would work. I don't read many graphic novels - except for Buffy because I really wanted to see what Whedon would have done with another season. Might have to check these out, though.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. I think you'd like us to buy this, right? LOL It sounds like a wonderful graphic novel series to own. I'm very interested in what the artwork looks like. I'll definitely be checking it out since I'm a fan of the series. Thanks so much for sharing :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  4. Shadow Kiss is one of my favorite books of the whole VA series. I saw it at Barnes and Noble and Jessica was right in her review: the illustrations are amazing! When I read more of the review, it really shows a good reason why people should buy the VA graphic novels, but I do hope to win the Shadow Kiss graphic novel since it so beautiful and incredible! Even reading the review was funny, too.


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