Feb 6, 2014

Random Thursday

Today I want to share some of my long outstanding WoWs! Yeah, basically books I feel like I've been waiting forever for and there doesn't seem to be any release or book information to be had yet!

Intertwined 4 by Gena Showalter--that third one had such the cliffies and I am DYING to read this one! Twisted (the third book) was released in 2011!! I am suffering in utter torment for this one!!

Strange Fate by L.J. Smith. This is supposed to conclude the Night World series. I can't remember when it was supposed to release originally. Back when Borders was still around at least!

The Last Lullaby by L.J. Smith--this one I think is supposed to conclude the Dark Visions series! Bought that one a long time ago to read, haven't gotten to it yet, but curious to see how it will eventually end as well!

Forbidden Game: Rematch by L.J. Smith--okay, she only recently mentioned word about this one. She still has to finish the previous two, but the Forbidden Game trilogy was by far my FAVORITE! To have another addition to the trilogy was an unknown dream to me! Now I am dying to read it!

Moonrise by Ivy Devlin--this one's release date seemed to always change with each new year. Currently Goodreads says it released on January 7th, but all bookish sites state it being unavailable. I enjoyed the first one when I read it many, many years ago and would like to read its sequel, but not sure it will ever make it into the world.

Third Blood by Kalayna Price--I'm hoping this one releases this year! I LOVED Kalayna's Haven series! It was just sooo incredible! It was among my first review copies that I ever received. So I am anxious to read this likely final installment in the series. The publishing date kept getting pushed back due to particular reasons. So I am hoping Kalayna is doing lots better so that we can finally get this one out into the world!

Insatiable 3 by Meg Cabot--okay now this one, Meg only just mentioned last year that she will eventually write. But I loved her take on vampires! Her first two books were just awesome and I sooo cannot wait for more! And since she just mentioned it last year, it might be awhile until we see it. :(

Mediator 7 by Meg Cabot--omg omg OH MY GOD!! I sooooooooo want to read this one! When Meg announced last January that she would be writing a 7th book to one of my ALL TIME FAVE paranormal YA series I was beyond ecstatic! I'm telling you people, when there was no such thing as paranormal YA, Meg had this series out under her pen name Jenny Carroll and I found it and fell soooooooo in love with it! And then the 5th one came out and then the 6th one! And then it was over, but done beautifully and then last year, she said a book 7 would soon be born!!! So write Meg, write!! I am dying to read this one!! If you need a blogger to read an ARC or even early draft contact me! Find me! I will drop everything in my life to read this one! ;)

Whew! So those are my long outstanding WoW's! Granted the last two are ones that I just learned about early last year, but knowing that some of my fave series are going to be continued have me absolutely giddy with glee!

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