Feb 6, 2014

Wild Things Blog Tour + Contest!

As you might have known, this past Tuesday, WILD THINGS finally released! This is the latest installment in the Chicagoland Vampire series! The series that just keeps on getting better and better!

I have here today Chloe Neill! The lovely and talented author of said series! She's been kind enough to answer a few questions I thought up after reading the book! Check it out:

Q: It's hard to imagine that with just 9 books in 4 years, it's only been 10 months for Merit! Do you ever struggle to remember what year Merit's in? Like trying to know what she and the other Cadogan vampires and friends haven't experienced yet? Like events from 2010 and on? I guess in simple terms, do you ever struggle to keep things "dated" for Merit? 

A: There have been a lot of people, a lot of events, and a lot of details in the Chicagoland Vampires novels. It is difficult to make sure I keep those things consistent from book to book, which is why I have a very detail-oriented assistant who reads each new draft several times to make sure we get the details correct. 

That said, it's usually not to hard to me to keep a basic sense of the timeline. Four years have passed for readers, but it still only feels like ten months for me, because I live it on Merit's timeline. (And I just finished writing BLOOD GAMES, so it's closer to eleven months now.) 

Q: Also are you able to keep track of Merit's time easily? Like how many days have occurred in the span of one book? 

A: Yes and no. I learned early on that its too difficult to reference days of the week in books. That adds unnecessary complexity, and it's too easy to make a mistake if things get changed in the editing process. So I draft on a "Day One," "Day Two" basis. Since Merit's days are bounded by sunlight, that makes it relatively simple to track. 

Q: When will see more of this prophecy? Or can you say? Whatever you can elaborate on with this mysterious prophecy that has popped up that has us readers hanging in suspense! 

A: I can't give away spoilers, of course, but I think folks will find WILD THINGS very educational in the prophecy area. :)

Since Merit was turned into a vampire, and the protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House, it’s been a wild ride. She and Master vampire Ethan Sullivan have helped make Cadogan’s vampires the strongest in North America, and forged ties with paranormal folk of all breeds and creeds, living or dead…or both.

But now those alliances are about to be tested. A strange and twisted magic has ripped through the North American Central Pack, and Merit’s closest friends are caught in the crosshairs. Gabriel Keene, the Pack Apex, looks to Merit and Ethan for help. But who—or what—could possibly be powerful enough to out-magic a shifter?

Merit is about to go toe to toe, and cold steel to cold heart, to find out.

Be sure to check out Chloe's GRAND PRIZE Giveaway that's going to be given away to one lucky winner! Check that out here on her website!

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Now for my giveaway, sadly I have to limit it to US only.

We'll keep this one simple, just leave a comment on this post saying you want to enter and PLEASE leave me your EMAIL ADDRESS, and you'll be in! I'll leave the contest open until February 14th with a winner to be announced on the 15th!

And please, please leave your email address, it's very hard to track people down sometimes. So if you want to enter, leave your email address, otherwise, I can't contact you if you win!

And be sure to pick up your copy of Wild Things this weekend! It's a GREAT read! ;)

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