Feb 27, 2014

Random Thursday

Today's February 27th and do you know what that means? 

YES! There's only a mere 75 days left until RT 2014!! We're talking 2 digits people! This is going to be like the biggest RT ever! The convention hotel is booked. The TWO overflow hotels are booked! And yet there are still RT registrants coming!! It's going to be insane! And I soooo cannot wait!

And did you know that this year, instead of having two signings like they normally do, one day the ebook type signing and then the other day the big signing with hundreds of authors, there's going to be one HUGE signing day!! There's like over 800 authors coming to this thing! Not all are signing, so it's going to be a challenge for me to find my authors from that list so I can get them to sign the books I have before the convention ends! I soooo cannot wait!

I sooo won't be getting any sleep on this trip! 

So is anyone else planning on going yet? As I always say, I would LOVE to meet up with other bloggers! There's always the chatting while we wait in lines and there are a lot of lines! It's like freaking Disney World! And yet, I still do all the waiting, because like Disney World, RT and authors are freaking awesome!

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  1. Sounds like fun. I don't like the idea of one big signing day. I am the type that I try and get every signature I can because Authors just rock. It would drive me insane.


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