Feb 20, 2014

Random Thursday

So here's a fun little fact brought to you by the 2014 Disney Desk Calendar!
Did you know that in Disney's Dumbo, the circus that Casey Jr. pulls along the tracks to all the towns it visits, is called the WDP Circus? And that the WDP stands for Walt Disney Productions?! This was a "little joke by Disney's animators" that was put into the film!

Perhaps I should've known this by now, but I haven't watched Dumbo in a few years. I always got sad when the circus separated Dumbo from his mom and called her a "mad elephant" when she was just trying to protect her baby!

But you gotta love the Disney Desk Calendar for these fun little factoids!

1 comment:

  1. Dumbo always made me so darn sad! I love when writers manage to insert little bits of their own lives into their work though :)


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