Jul 22, 2014

2nd Annual Beat the Heat Readathon Sign Up Post

So I decided I would take part in the 2nd Annual Beat the Heat Readathon. It sounds fun and really why not?! You can set your own challenge and since it's three weeks I figure I can get a lot done too! Since I read a lot anyway! 

Though I have NO CLUE what books I'll be reading as it's way too soon to tell! But lets aim the goal at TEN books!

It may not seem like a whole lot, but it's three weeks and I can probably average 3 books a week, sometimes more, but it all depends on the length and enjoyment of book and you know whatever else life decides to throw my way! But the goal is TEN with hopes for more!

If you're interested in joining, see the rules below or read the post in its original format at Novel Heartbeat.

Ze Rules! 

  • The Beat the Heat Readathon runs from August 11th to September 1st. What does this readathon entail, you ask? Well, read as much or as little as you want – the main point is to READ! You set your own goal, and for three weeks you read as many books as you can/want to reach your goal! 
  • There will be mini-challenges throughout the Readathon for participants, along with a grand prize giveaway at the end! 
  • Sign up here at Novel Heartbeat or over at Phantasmic Reads. You may join whenever you like, but to be eligible for our grand prize giveaway, you must sign up by August 24th. 
  • To join, all you have to do is make a sign-up post – even if it’s just a “Let’s do this!” thing – and add your post URL to the linky below! You can put your goals and progress (will be required for the final giveaway) in your sign-up post, or you can make it separate. Totally up to you! (You are welcome to use the template we provide as well.) 
  • In order to enter for the grand prize, you must have a post to keep track of your progress so we can see that you participated. 

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