Jul 30, 2014

Supernatural: Bloodlines

Where have I been?! I mean really! There's word--and likely really, truly, probability--that this IS happening!

So remember last season, the episode titled Bloodlines? It was in Chicago with feuding supernatural families and we had the whole Romeo & Juliet thing going on between rival families? 

I thought at the time that it sort of rang for future storylines, since there was that young guy who witnessed his girlfriend being murdered during one of the fights. You could see that this guy was going to turn Hunter. Whether he joined Sam and Dean remained unclear.

Well, it looks like we'll see what happens to him eventually!

So far, there's not a lot of info. There's a short list of (potential) cast, but there's also the title of the page on IMDB: Supernatural: Bloodlines (TV Movie). There's that little subtitle beneath its main title, so it could even just be a TV movie.

But then when you look at some of the cast members you see (2014-). So it might even be a TV show! There were a few articles on the website, but I merely skimmed them because they were pretty much saying the same thing.

And then of course there's the year and that is 2014! So it might even be airing this fall! Or later, depending on things and all!

And even though my our beloved Sam and Dean are not listed, I am still excited about this possible (and seeming likely) show!

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