Jul 2, 2014


Yes, I'm calling this a "Cover Art Looksie". Weird terminology but I just want to gush about these covers!

While I am reading Black Rook--and totally loving it!--I noticed the theme to the titles and I just had to share them all here in all their glory!

Aren't they just great?! I love the look of seeing the hero in the corner with just half his face (or most of it, whatever!) and then we see a wolf in the corner! Well as the descriptions will tell you these guys are loup garous and these are their wolf forms. A black wolf, a gray wolf, and yes, a white wolf! And the names that sound like chess pieces, are the brothers' names. Because yeah, these three guys are bros!

Due to time constraints yesterday and other stuff today, I won't be able to finish Black Rook until tomorrow, but I will have a review up then since the first in this trilogy releases on the 15th of this month! And you guys, this first book is truly awesome and I have no doubts that the following two will be just as epic!

Kudos to Kelly for starting off this trilogy so superbly!

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