Jul 3, 2014

Random Thursday

All right! Time for some more Disney Fun Facts! This is actually the last one I have from the video clip I watched some weeks back! Next week, I do have a Disney observation to make, but moving on!

Ever wonder how old the Disney Princesses are? 

All we've ever known is that:

Aurora and Ariel are both 16, for they say this in the movies. "On her sixteenth birthday...yadda, yadda, yadda" AND "I'm sixteen! I'm not a child!" (But yeah you are! lol!)

But according to this video, the other princesses have estimated age ranges. Let's see:

Snow White is said to be 14 (always thought she was more 16 myself!)

Cinderella is said to be between 16-19 (I think I like her around 18 or 19)

Belle is said to be between 17-21 (I think I like to say she's more between 19-21 since her prince ended up being 21 and she was quite mature)

Jasmine is said to be turning 18 (I think I agree with that one!)

Pocahontas is said to be 17 (I think I agree with that one too!)

And finally...

Elsa is 21 at the time of her coronation. OFFICIALLY making her the first Disney Queen who is NOT a teenager! (Unless of course Belle was actually 20-21! ;)  )

Merida was not mention and I personally cannot remember if they said her age or not. I'd need to watch the movie again. Particularly when I am in a cheery mood since when I watched it the first time I was totally bawling! And Mulan wasn't mentioned either. But I think she's maybe in that 17-19 range, unless I am totally wrong!

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  1. Hehehe :D Oddly enough I just watched Brave last night with Zane. I believe Merida is 16 at the time her mother wants her to get married. I think Mulan is also 16. I love these Random Thursday posts!! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


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